How to Be Super Confident When Talking to People Who Make You Nervous

Oh, yeah. You’re not alone. Some folks make you nervous. I know.

When we get nervous we go into “fight or flight.” It’s really very common. This results in losing access to our cognition — we can’t form coherent sentences, we stammer a bit, use excessive fillers, you get it. This article explains why.

The cure is to train yourself to physically relax and beat your Fight or Flight. You’ll find relaxation exercises on the internet. (I teach them to all my clients.)

Then I want you to practice conversations with your teddy bear or your dog. But imagine you’re talking to other people. Shake your dog’s paw & say, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Or, “I saw the best movie this weekend. Have you seen LaLa Land?” And, “Hi, how are you?”

Once you’re good at it with your pet or the mirror, try it on someone you feel comfortable with. Literally practice having a conversation as if it’s someone you don’t know well.

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I want you to set up a consult with me via skype or phone — I can walk you through some techniques. I’ve been making people comfortable in all communicative situations for 20 years. :)