TwitchCon Travel tip

Since people are so eager to book travel for TwitchCon 2016 in San Diego already, I feel I could help people save some money ($100ish) right now.

San Diego is an extremely expensive airport to fly into, and rarely has nonstop flights due to its location. Example being New York to San Diego non stop is $435.

LAX on the other hand, is a very affordable airport to fly into because it’s a MAJOR airport, and frankly sucks. New York to LAX is $350 non stop, if you don’t mind one stop, $216.

There’s a train from Los Angeles Union Station nearly hourly to San Diego, only about 2 and a half hours, only $37, also a $8 bus ride to Union

That $435 roundtrip flight just became $306 if you don’t mind the extra stops and train ride, saving $129.

It’s worth looking at both options though, some locations like Seattle is only $20 more to fly to San Diego (I’m not acknowledging Spirit Airlines existence when I’m looking at the options), but for far away locations more East, this could save you lots.

Highly recommend when looking for flights. Have fun.

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