“War & Art” — Italy and the US during World War I

How protecting a country also means protecting its masterpieces.

A hundred years after the end of World War I, the Embassy of Italy remembers the entrance of the United States into the war with a photo exhibition and a catalog, both titled War and Art: USA in Italy.

There is a strong connection between Italy and the United States and this exhibition is yet another occasion to show at how many levels this connection works. In time of war we were capable of collaborating to preserve our identity not only safeguarding our borders, but also through the protection of our art.

Why put war and art together? When we say war we mean destruction, losses, famine, sadness, and much more. This exhibition highlights not only the harshness of war, but also the importance of protecting art, our culture, during the war.

“Italy preserved most of its artistic treasures — and thus its identity — from ruthless annihilation,” said the Ambassador of Italy to the United States Armando Varricchio.

At the time, photographers and soldier-painters were extremely important in the figurative world: through their works — such as drawings, sketches and paintings, and in this case photos — they captured the horrors of war and transformed them into evidence, as well into something unique: Art.
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