Haqquslam Shopping Spree:

I have just bought 2 starter boxes — the basic HQI Starter and the Hassassin Starter box, along with some extra troop packs: Naffatun Flamers and a Djanzaban HMG unit.

Now to pain them up. Greens and Yellows seem to be popular — so my shopping list comes out as:

Weapons: Base: leadbelcher * Layer: Runefang Steel

Yellows: Layer: Zamesi Desert & Layer: Tallarn Sand

Greens: Base: Castellan Green & Layer: Elysian Green

Detail: Layer: Calguar Blue& Layer: Evil Sunz Scarlet

Inking: Shade: Nuln Oil & Shade: Agrax Earthshade

Need to raid B+Q on Sunday / Monday for some spray on metal primer.

Once all the troops arrive, hopefully Monday then i can get them cleaned (wash in soapy water) dried assembled and sprayed with primer on Monday ready for an easy walk out on Wednesday. Need to hit up Ikea too and get a Drawer unit and figure out some way of transporting 6–10 models. Bubblewrap is probably the best option short term

Which 150 pt army to field… i’m not sure, probably the 6+1 HQI heavy group though the 8 man multi-flamer could be fun too.

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