The new Gamatong designs for magic

In the past few years, our design company, Gamatong, has been flying low, at two miles an hour, mostly by design.

This has been so because we’ve been attending to more urgent issues. You know, the stuff that grounds us — the big questions: What are we? Where do we come from? How did we get here? Why do we exist?

We asked these questions initially through TEDxSoweto (now run by a different team), and more recently, we continue to do so through our TEDxJohannesburg platform.

So far, the view has been spectacular, the fresh air breathtaking, and the experience out of this world.

Along the way, we’ve met the most titanic South Africans, plus a few giants from around the planet. These are people who are changing the world, in word and in deed.

We’re thrilled to count many of them amongst our rapidly expanding network of partners and collaborators.

Both TEDxSoweto and TEDxJohannesburg have now grown wings. Systems are in place. Journeys are mapped. Destinations are known.

Have we found the answers to the big questions yet? Thankfully, the answer is no. That moment might never come, at least not in this lifetime (or in our current shape, form or constitution).

But we have found something else: we’ve learnt that when the right people are involved, the intent clear, the conditions optimised, and the exchange agreeable, magic can happen.

We’ve seen this in every single one of the thirty events we’ve hosted.

We know it to be true of all the three hundred or so speakers and performers we’ve worked with.

And we’ve heard it from many of the more than half-a-million people around the world who’ve either watched our videos, or attended our events, and had been inspired by our speakers and performers.

When remarkable people tell amazing stories, under the right conditions, for the right reasons, magic happens!

In other words, if you take great care in designing for magic then your odds of success, in life and in business, are greatly enhanced.

We’re bringing this unique insight into our business. As of today, Gamatong uses the powers of story and design to help brands make meaningful connections with the people they serve.

We’re moving up in attitude, aptitude, and altitude. Come fly with us.

Learn more about the new Gamatong here.

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