The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

Fristly sorry for my english.

I have to say it was a perfect and amazing way to say and explain for the fans what happened in The 100.

I support and understand you as I can understand the plot .

I’m gay. Ok. But I like to watch The 100 not because Lexa loves Clarke and Clarke loves Lexa. But I admire it. Really .

Am I happy with Lexas death ? No way! But her death means a lot of things and misteries.

Lexa was strong. And weak . Lexa was Heda. And a fighter . Lexa was loved. And she loved. Lexa died . So ?

Please, we have had so many people killing and hating each other. This is entreteniment ! Love more , guys !

So Jason, congratulations for The 100 and sucess. You all deserve it.

It is not about being gay. The 100 is about surviving.

I support Jason. No haters .

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