Why the Fuck do I have Acne?

Acne… Oh, the dreaded name. A beast of a problem that not only starves you of self-love, but also of your priorities, your energy, your life. It’s so easy to tell someone, “not to let their acne bother them,” or to tell that person they look beautiful no matter what. Of course, everyone is beautiful even with acne, however, it is all about how one feels about themselves. It seems superficial, but, no matter what, acne comes in and makes you live your life a little less spontaneously, a little less productively, and a little less happy.

As someone who struggled with acne, and BAD acne for that matter, I know first hand how debilitating (and EXPENSIVE) acne can be. As time goes on and I continue to write on Medium, I am going to be breaking down the subject of acne into different categories, in hopes of helping you heal yourself just as I did myself.

How many of you have visited countless doctors, dermatologists, estheticians? I know I have visited way too many. I had so many doctors hardly look at my face and decide to prescribe me a pill… you have no idea how many doctors told me I should try Accutane. I knew from the beginning that Accutane (which causes night-vision changes, birth defects, and other problems) may solve the acne problem but leave me with other problems that are a lot worse. I had doctors tell me my hormones were the problem and that I should take different hormone blockers… Every blood test I took showed that my hormone levels were perfect, so I was genuinely confused why doctors were telling me to do something that could be potentially harmful. I’m not saying all doctors are trying to harm their patients, but it seems to me that there truly is a lack of helping patients get to the “knitty griddy” of their problems.

After a few years of trying almost every acne facial system, different skin vitamins, drinking green tea, trying folk remedies… nothing worked… I was spending way too much money, and I was becoming depressed and ready to give up.

Finally, I heard about getting your blood tested to see about food sensitivities. This was the SMARTEST decision I ever made. My blood test came back with shocking results… almost every food appeared in red lettering. I had food sensitivities… and a LOT of them. This symptom is a huge red flag for something called “leaky gut.” The following photo is of my personal food panel!

I knew something was wrong with my body, I knew I didn’t have hormone problems, or PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome which almost every gyno will tell you you have if you have acne…).

For three months I stopped eating EVERYTHING in red on my panel. People like to be stubborn and eat around their sensitivities, however, I cannot stress how important it is to stay strong. In addition to eating nothing “red” I started immediately taking a supplement called “AMAZON A-F” from the Raintree brand. It is amazing at getting rid of the bad yeast (candida) in your body.


After taking this supplement for three months, I started to re-build the gut lining. (This is the time frame where you can start adding in foods that are “red” on your panel. Do this slowly and log how you feel after eating them). L’Glutamine is a miracle. I swear by this vitamin. It’s not only amazing for getting your stomach lining back in check but it also promotes healthy tissue, muscle function, and is great if you work out a lot. For ten days MEGADOSE L’Glutamine. That means a huge spoonful of this in the morning and at night. After the ten days, you can dose as normal. You can purchase L’Glutamine at Whole Foods or at any local health store. You can also get it at Amazon which I will provide a link for under the photograph. Seriously… it is a MIRACLE!


Like I said before… acne made my life depressing.. I didn’t love myself for awhile. I don’t want anyone else to feel the way I felt and if I can help anyone cure themselves, that’s what I am here to do.

If you are suffering from acne, I want you to do the following:

  1. Get a blood test to see if your hormones are in balance.
  2. Get a blood test to see if you have any food sensitivities (which means you should treat yourself for leaky gut syndrome).
  3. If you do have a hormone imbalance, I recommend taking supplements such as “Vitex” and “DIM” and seeing if this helps. Sometimes, this is when actual presciptions or hormone therapy comes into play.. However, I am all about trying everything natural before you put synthetics in your body.. so do not get discouraged and remain patient! (I will post more about leveling hormones out in future posts if this interests you).
  4. If you have food sensitivities, do what I said to do within this post. Cut the foods out that you are sensitive to for a minimum of three months. Take a yeast leveling supplement that gets rid of candida, and start megadosing L’Glutamine.
  5. If your blood panel comes back with leveled hormones and no food sensitivities then your face-washing routine is out of wack. You may be stripping too many natural oils off your face, causing oil to over-produce. Your PH may be out of whack, etc. (I will elaborate further on this subject in future posts as well).

Please comment and let me know how your acne progress is going! If you have acne, it isn’t for no reason. Your body is trying to tell you something and it’s time we listen to it! If you have any questions, I respond to all questions within the comments.

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