Top Tools For Account Managers

As an Account Manager nothing has saved me more time than the Auto Text Expander Chrome extension.

Whether your company employs the use of Salesforce, or uses an alternative CRM, as an Account Manager you will find yourself submitting the same type of cases/emails on a regular basis. It’s imperative that the information conveyed to your coworkers is clear, concise, and consistent. Using the Auto Text Expander you can set yourself triggers that when typed out, automatically expand into words, phrases, and even email templates. One of my favorites was my trigger for creating Salesforce cases telling my Campaign Manager to setup Facebook campaigns. When I typed out “Case_setup” it would auto expand into:

Hey ,
Based on our Kick-off call we are ready to move forward with the planned _____ campaign. Can you please setup a new campaign per the following:
Campaign Objective:
 Optimizing to: 
 Creative type:
 Other Notes:
 Please let me know if you end up having any questions!

I created several of these types of triggers to cover almost every repetitive email/case. In the end I spent less time typing, didn’t have to worry about forgetting a basic part of my instructions, and my team’s workflow improved as they always knew where to find the necessary campaign info.

Whatever email client you end up using, I highly recommend running your email through either Outlook or Thunderbird.

If you use Google Business Suite then you may have a harder time getting it to integrate seamlessly with Outlook, but thanks to Google App Sync for Outlook, you are now able to manage all your emails using the familiar folder system that Gmail sorely lacks. If you (or your boss) won’t make the investment into Outlook, then Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client can serve as a great free alternative. It features a similar layout, and critical add-ons like task managers can be downloaded for free.

Whatever email client you end up using, the two tools you should be utilizing more are Tasks and Email Rules. When you’re managing dozens of campaigns across multiple client teams, Tasks, and by association, the Reminder tools are critical to making your life easier.

When it comes to productivity tools, Asana is by far the best workflow management tool I have ever used.

While it doesn’t take the place of project management tools, Asana shines as the best collaboration tool helping teams manage their daily to-do’s. One of the toughest aspects of Account Management is trying to stay up-to-date with all your campaigns whose status ranges from pre-RFP to wrapped up. Asana does a fantastic job providing a central dashboard showing you, and your team, what the status of each one of your campaigns is.

One of the key features of Asana that makes it a great tool for everyone is its customizability. Rather than having to shoehorn your workflow into preexisting project management software templates, Asana lets you move and play around with tasks, to-do lists, progress charts, and much more. If you have been looking for a way to track your campaigns that isn’t sifting through email chains, then give Asana a shot. You won’t regret it!

Noun project is a fantastic collection of icons and graphics that can really help spruce up your wrap decks.

In one of my favorite books “The Art of Client Services,” Robert Solomon advises us to make sure that no slide ever has more text on it than a billboard. It’s tempting to try and write everything you want to say on each slide, but take it from me. If you don’t want to talk to a room filled with glazed over eyes darting between their phones and the clock on the wall, replace all that text with some sweet graphics that get the same point across.

The Noun Project is perfect for this, as they give you access to hundreds of thousands of icons that will spice up your boring presentations with the right image for every thought.

That’s it! Those are my top 4 tools that I think every Account Manager, or anyone working in client services, should add to their workflow. If you have any others that you love using, please let me know via Twitter or Email!