by Hugo de Meira Quintao

There once was a little white mouse, who sailed far and wide,
He used a paper boat to glide through the skies,
Shapes that made the world were stuck in his mind,
And his plastic paper boat wondered through the times.
An insight sparked the fire that burnt from inside,
Upon the raging seas his calmness stood and shined,
Sauerkraut was what the vision had in mind,
It lurked within; but was so very hard to find,
For this mouse had searched so very far and wide!
He found nothing but books filled with words hence typed,
But they did not fulfill his heart so he continued the find;

The wind hailed and howled and the little white mouse felt all alone,
He had an urge that told him to jump in the sea and to explore the unknown,
The mouse summoned the trust, jumped and held his heart,
He swam out through the abyss and found a man with some snarky remarks,
He blabbered phrases of wont’s and don’ts,
It scared the little white mouse and made him choke,
But far ahead he saw the sauerkraut teasing his moan,
So he let go of this man and charged on home,
There was no light, no ether;
Down inside this place of nothingness behold the feeling of neither,
To the one and all, the little white mouse surrendered
And re-emerged as a horse, free and remembered.