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Hi Lisa,

I didn’t end up in a psych ward, my family and doctors just would act like nothing was happening. I had it bad and asking for help, didn’t help. Luckily, I didn’t harm my daughter or myself, something stronger in me pulled me like a firm hand from a strong man, and it took every bit of what was left in me, to not hurt either of us. She is 12 now, I still have residual emotions of that time when she was so young, and I thought that I was a horrible mother, I so know what you mean, I’ve been there too. It’s certainly a miracle that we both survived, and she is perfectly normal, healthy young woman. I feel robbed of that time in my life, where most mom’s including me with my oldest, glow and are happy beyond words, that time with her was taken from me, by trauma, no sleep, no food, hormones off that led me to the psychosis. I can’t get that time back, but I’ve come to understand how important it is, to listen when someone like me, asks for help! I cry thinking about how alone in the world women feel with no one to help, no one to listen, and no respite. I’m so happy to hear about climb out of the darkness, very happy indeed. My hope is that one day, women won’t have to suffer from this disorder. Thanks for your post, and I’m grateful to find out about Climb out of Darkness. Bravo!

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