Looking New doesn’t equate Clean or Green

Looking New doesn’t Equate Clean or Green

Looking new doesn’t equate clean or green. I’ve had the pleasure of being in the company of other’s from various countries. I’ve also had the pleasure of entertaining people at my home from various socioeconomic lifestyles and backgrounds. Now that isn’t new to me so much as the bringing it home as they say, living here, staying here, experiencing our lifestyle and just noticing and listening. It’s just a difference in lifestyles.

I’m totally aware and have been my entire life of socioeconomic differences, experienced bias, judgement, crass attitudes, and prejudices in regards to this area of life. Most everyone has.

However, the whole notion of if it looks new, clean it equates clean or green, it doesn’t! It’s a mind thing. Clean is clean, Green is green and New isn’t necessarily either, even if it looks new or fresh.

You can use toxic chemicals on anything and make it look nice, new, clean and that triggers a response in the brain (based on our social beliefs) that it is “ fresh, clean, desirable”. Isn’t that just a conditioning we have been taught? Yes, it is.

You can have something that is used, damaged, uniquely worn in a way that it looks “dirty”, not fresh and is undesirable, yet it totally is Green and can be very “clean” as in clean, not just looks clean and is loaded with chemicals, clean.

Dirt isn’t necessarily a bad thing a detrimental thing. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about if it is toxic, environmentally unsafe habitants, and bad for the environment, than we are about socioeconomics and societal “status” and appearances?

I am! I clean, and I have a clean home, but it isn’t toxic, and it isn’t new and some things look worn, and used because they are! I do that on purpose.

I’ve overcome the obstacle and believe me it is a obstacle of believing mental conditioning by worldwide societal beliefs about what is “Clean, Fresh and Desirable” is. Looked at it from the perspective of what is actually facts and what is my our mind feeling it is true, when it is not.

If dirt and cob webs and dust were the only thing we had to deal with, done! We’d be in a totally different space worldwide. No one really gets diseases and dies from dirt and cob webs and dust ( unless you are allergic to dust) but the notion that we are indeed “ lesser in society” if we do not have new, stain free ( goodness can’t have stains), damage free or use horribly harsh chemicals on something to whip it into “societal standards” is the biggest issue we face today in the world.

It is the same mindset that creates tons of used cars in dumps and it is the very thing that creates over consumerism, materialism and poverty. It is the very thing that creates waste! Tons and tons of waste, and toxic drinking water!

We not only as a USA society, but worldwide have the mentality of “ new, fresh and clean” and if we don’t meet those standards, we are judged.

So you can go into the newest, supposedly cleanest and freshest home in the world, and it could be the most toxic, environmentally unsafe, and NON-Green home in the world.

Why not switch our mindset instead of continuing to try and fit into a “box” of socioeconomically untrue standards? Why not look at the facts and stop listening to marketing and the mentality that greed and bias and subservient ideals has created and think for yourself. Make a realistic choice. We do have a choice.