What happens when you become Green

Lisa Hawkins
2 min readAug 3, 2017

What happens when you decide to be Green. You not only feel like part of a solution. You also learn and become aware of so many things that you once took for granted. Once you begin to do the small things that are “Green”, you then find new ways to Be Green.

You begin to notice others ways of not being Green and your mindset changes. Education begins and a process that snowballs happens within you. It’s a trend in the beginning, and then it becomes a habit, then a new way of life.

For me personally, I start feeling freer, cleaner, clearer and healthier. It’s a mindset, its a way of being. It just can’t help but become a state of being.

Being Green is actually “Being Green” it is so true! It isn’t a twist on words. It does become a state of mind, a way of being. It for me, is my new way of seeing, reacting and responding in life. Not only in a materialistic view of “ less waste”, “less footprint” but also in how I view all of life, all of my actions, and how I view all of life’s inhabitants. Including trees, plants and yes, even weeds.

What happens when you decide to be Green? It is a reverence for life as a whole. It is a deep, deep sense of gratitude, of beauty and of my reactions to such.

For instance I used to use bug zappers. I didn’t know better at that point in my life. I was in my 20’s. Now they make me cringe. I don’t want mosquitoes in my yard to bite my children or myself. I also don’t want to kill the insects that keep my trees, garden growing and eat other annoying insects to be zapped.

Nowadays, I do not use zappers. I protect bees, ladybugs, praying mantis etc. I even catch and release spiders, the non-poisonous ones. I have a sense of gratitude for insects that before I just deemed them all pests to be killed.

What happens when you decide to be Green. I choose my battles and I choose my causes. I choose my cars, the paint I use, my food, and I choose the ways of dealing with unwanted items. I choose, as before I just fell pray to marketing and commercialism. Being Green is a conscious way of living. It is being awake! It’s Hip To Be Green®



Lisa Hawkins

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