10 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Me Before You’

1. Sam Clafin is hot.

2. Emilia Clarke has THE most expressive eyebrows I have EVER seen.

3. Sam Clafin is very hot, especially when he’s shaved.

4. Is that Neville Longbottom? WELL!!

5. Emilia Clarke’s wardrobe in this movie is super cute

6. Sam Clafin is fucking HOT

7. Is that an Ed Sheeran song playing in the background? Oh well here come the waterworks.

8. Watching Charles Dance play a supportive father in this movie is kind of unnerving after watching him as Tywin Lanninster on Game of Thrones.

9. Dammit Sam Clafin, I’m a married woman…stop being so hot!!

10. My heart is in pieces now. So sad. Why do I keep putting myself through these types of movies!!??

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