The iOS 10 Killer Feature I’ll Be Watching WWDC16 For

As a techie and Apple fan, one of the events I look forward to most every year is WWDC. I don’t attend the event itself, but I do get a kick out of streaming the keynote while simultaneously browsing my favorite tech blogs for the commentary and reactions at all the new goodies announced. It’s like Christmas for me, getting a sneak peek at all the things to come from Apple.

There has been a lot of speculation lately about what we can expect to be announced by Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi, Eddy Cue, et al this Monday, but this girl right here is only wishing for one thing…better multitasking features in iOS 10, in whatever form the geniuses at Apple dream that up.

There’s a really awesome video making the rounds out there, put together by Federico Viticci from, featuring what he envisions would be the kickass features iOS 10 could/should be. This wishlist made think about about how much I could benefit from all these tweaks, especially since I use my iPad Pro as my main computing device.

A couple of items jumped out at me from this video, and combined would make the killer iOS 10 feature FOR ME.

Multitasking Drag & Drop

Imagine being able to drag and drop photos, links, and text from one multitasking screen to the other. This is what Viticci dreamed up in his infinite wisdom.

A Better App Picker

One of my biggest frustrations with iOS multitasking is that the more apps you have installed, the longer the list of apps you have to scroll through on the app picker becomes. Imagine being able to pin your favorite or most used apps to the top and a search feature to boot. If iOS 10 could only have one new feature, that would be the one I would vote for.

Screencaps via Federico Viticci’s iOS 10 Wishlist Video

What are you expecting iOS 10 to have? Are you waiting for WWDC16 with baited breath?

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