Why 8chan will not be getting Infinity Next.

Josh, probably.
Feb 8, 2016 · 23 min read

Hi. I’m Josh.

I am writing this to explain

  • What misinformation is spreading and why.
  • Why I failed to deliver Infinity Next to 8chan, and why it is unlikely 8chan will ever be running on it.
  • Why the AGPL public license that Infinity Next has is important to the project and important to 8chan, and why you should support it.
  • My plans for Infinity Next.

This is not something I want to write. I considered Fredrick a close friend for almost a year. He personally welcomed me to Manila and was a great help in getting accustomed to a third world country. He is incredibly street smart and good at speaking and interacting with people in the ways I am not, which made him an excellent complement. Even in the technological world, he knows many things I do not, and if he had been actively involved in Infinity Next’s development, we would already be using it.

Before I begin explaining the history of Next, I want to take a moment to absorb blame. If I had asked for a year instead of 6 months, if I hadn’t of fucked up the boards list upgrade, if I hadn’t of pissed off Jim, if I had maybe pressed Fredrick or other developers to be more involved and to review me better, if I had listened more, if I had known more, things could be different. But I didn’t, so now we’re here.

This article is a last resort. I did not expect Fredrick to become a hostile entity. I did not expect him to lie about me and try to steal from me. I did not expect him to betray my trust in the way he has. There is nothing I can do at this point besides tell my story. I am being used as a scapegoat.

Ad Infinitum

Starting with the most blatant and easily understood issue: Infinity Next, and the Infinity Next Development Group, are legally distinct from “Infinity” counterparts and belong to me exclusively. This was acknowledged by Fredrick just a day before he began claiming he owned it.

Source: https://archive.is/nFvKp, https://archive.is/Mga84, https://archive.is/9Obw2

Despite just hours before claiming that I owned the copyright, he seized the public facing development domain and repurposed it to fabricate claims on Infinity Next. He has since removing this message, but it can still be found on archive.is.

Source: http://archive.is/Oda13

This is a pretty egregious lie, and for a while I could not understand why he would do this. It was beyond my imagination that someone I could have known for so long, and who saw first hand my personal investment in the code, would try to take it from me. This is especially shocking because the AGPL license is open source and free. Anyone, including you, including Fredrick, including 8chan, can fork, distribute, and host copies of Infinity Next. Technical issues aside, there is nothing preventing him from doing exactly what he wants without my cooperation.

Except there is. Jim Watkins (and by extension Race Queen Industries, N. T. Tech, 8chan’s legal proprietor, and Fredrick’s employer) does not want 8chan to be open source.

There are two distinct offers you need to know about. The first I will show happened in January 2016, after Fredrick told me that he did not want me involved in 8chan anymore. This offer is shown in the following private IRC chatlog, where he first attempts to seize control of the intellectual property rights from me and then offers to buy a sublicense.

A full transcript of the first offer can be found here: http://pastebin.com/uap1cU9x

The most important lines of this conversation to me are:

Jan 26 16:41:46 <copypaste> how about i go first. i will give you $100 and never talk about your eccentricities again. i know how much that bothers you, people knowing you’re human

Jan 26 16:41:58 <copypaste> that’s for a dual license, expat, not even ownership

He is offering me $100 and blackmail to forfeit the open source nature of Infinity Next to him. I remind you that this is a license that he picked, with the full blessing of Richard fucking Stallman himself, with the intended purpose of protecting the project we were meant to work on together. He is, in one fell swoop, trying to steal months worth of work from my hands and ensure that he can close the source that 8chan runs on.

He also gave me no time to think of an offer. Obviously, at that moment and risking losing the rights to all my work, I was scared and wanted to talk to people with more business and legal smarts than me. Up until then, Fredrick had been my smarts with this kind of stuff, which is why Infinity Next ended up with such a clever, end-user oriented license to begin with. Between me saying I would want compensation for betraying the licensing agreement that I campaigned on, to the Medium article he published, less than 16 hours had passed.

I didn’t really want to sell any rights to Infinity Next, but at least with compensation I could continue to work. Sure, 8chan’s specific fork of Next would be closed source, but at least I could continue to develop features and keep the FOSS version competitive and up to date by working on the money being given to me for the permission to close that source. If he had maybe given it a week, or didn’t make his opening offer blackmail, 2ch developers might be working on Next right now. I’m still bewildered by why he chose to do this and be so heavy handed when I was still OK with working with him. This was probably the worst possible approach. In fact, I publicly said I was willing to help still even if not directly involved.

He even ridiculed me for thinking I would get to work with Jim’s son and co again.

Jan 26 18:36:08 <copypaste> few things. i let jim know about this talk. 2ch engineers are barred from upstreaming patches or working with you at all until we work this out, so that dream won't happen. if you don't compromise with me at all, on the 28th at 7AM i'm going to present my case to users. it's not going to be pretty for you, in my eyes your recent actions on this matter have shifted you from "failed to deliver, butJan 26 18:36:10 <copypaste> didn't steal money because at least he tried and his product was usable from a legal perspective" to "failed to deliver, and also stole donated funds because he won't change to a court-tested license and we cannot take the risk of running software with no legal framework" the USA is a common law district after all, and the AGPL has never been in court. i will then assert ownership over it,Jan 26 18:36:12 <copypaste> because it was funded by 8chan users, money was collected on a domain owned by Infinity Dev. Group and the copy i have is owned by Infinity Dev. Group according to its license file. we'd rather go on the offensive than the defensive and have to spend years in court working out what a "component" is in the context of a website, proving copyright is much more cut and dry. your move. my benjaminJan 26 18:36:14 <copypaste> franklin is still good, as is a GPL compromise 4free. in either event i'm done talking about you in public, you are not worth my time

Again, I will point out that all of this happens in less than 16 hours. This is not the behavior of a rational human being trying to make the best out of a sticky situation. This is not the behavior of a businessman. This is not the behavior of a friend. I just asked for time and he couldn’t even give me that. He blew his load and decided he was “done” in less than a day. This is brutal, cut-throat fucking someone over and he knows it, which is why he is intentionally giving me no time to work with as to create a false sense of urgency when the project wasn’t ready to go out anyways.

At this point I should clarify what “closing the source” means. When I say this, Fredrick is quick to retort, “GPL is open source”. This is true, but there is an important legal distinction between AGPL and GPL. While Infinity Next would keep an open source fork under GPL, it would not be obligatory for the exact copy of the code that 8chan runs to be open source. The GPL stipulates that the project, and any derived work, must be GPL and must be open source. If you share a compiled executable of GPL code, you must share the source as well. AGPL takes this a step further and says that if you use code as a service (such as, an Internet website), you must also supply the source code the server runs in a conventional format. This basically just extends GPL rights over the Internet as well, and since 8chan is a web based service, it makes sense to use it.

My explanation might be a bit rough, so here’s a better explanation written to Jim Watkins by Fredrick Brennan on November 28th, 2015.

This conversation is after the first attempt to buy Infinity Next, so on to that.

Hot Coffee

If I had to put a date on when Infinity Next was officially going down hill, it was on November 28th. After a conversation with Jim Watkins and Fredrick in a coffee shop, I realized that there was very little chance 8chan would ever run Infinity Next.

This is the chatlog of Fredrick and I in private on IRC, before and after our meeting. I am presenting it first, in full, before my comments, in case you want you to read it with an unbiased view. This is probably the most important log I can share with you.


I was told I had a job offer with RQi and 2ch. I met with Jim and Fred the following morning. Jim comes out with an employment offer of “100” (probably 100k PHP a month, according to Fredrick) and free rent in Makati, the upper part of Manila, in one of his apartments. His offer requires that I sell him Infinity Next and close the source entirely for everyone.

Jim claims that this is for “security”, but Fred and I both try to explain to him that open source software is historically more secure because there’s more peer review. He doesn’t budge at all, and insists that for the deal to go through, I must both lose my property rights over Next, and I must close the source entirely. I try every sort of counter offer I can think of. He refused a public fork, he refused to let me commit things back upstream, he refused a proprietary sublicense. The only counter-offer he would accept was closing the source now, but leave what was already done open source.

I began to explain to him how, even if I wanted to accept this offer (I didn’t!), I could not. While many haphazard legal accusations have been thrown around the last two weeks, the one thing large Infinity Next donors could probably nail me on is not making the project open source. I repeatedly promised in all of my campaign pages and pledges that what I did would be completely FOSS and under the AGPL license. When I told him this, and that Infinity Next was crowdfunded, and that Fredrick did not employ me as a contractor, he seemed surprised. I don’t know if this is just a misunderstanding or intentional misinformation on Fred’s part. Regardless, I was very indignant that Jim thought he could play no role in the development of Next and then swoop in during the month we were supposed to leave open beta to try and close the source.

To top this off, and I swear to fucking God I’m not making shit up: When Jim realized that Fredrick was taking my side on the licensing issue, he took out his phone, held it in one hand and began typing with the other, saying aloud as he wrote “SHUT DOWN 8CHAN”. It was like Emperor Palpatine saying “Execute Order Six-Six”.

He set the phone down and looked back at us, while we just sat there fucking dumbstruck. Jim excused himself, saying he was a “very busy man”. He walked just walked out and left his drink there. I turned to copy and said, “So, 16chan now?”. He laughed, we talked about how horrible that went, how impressively bad at negotiation I am, and just went back to our apartments upstairs while thinking about what to do next.

To be fair, in any other light, this is pretty funny. Only someone like me could sit down for a coffee with a $3200+ a month job offer and lose it before we could finish our drinks.

I mention in my chatlogs that I would buy 16ch.sg (Singapore) just in case Jim ever took down 8chan, but I ended up buying 16ch.nl (Netherlands) and 16chan.nl the very next day— domains that still exist, are still up, and which I have receipts to prove it.

Fredrick is very good at manipulating people, so allow me to say this preemptively. If Jim’s offer had been to simply change the licensing to a different free license that allowed me to work upstream while developing proprietary code for 8chan, I would have done it in a heartbeat. That was the offer I was expecting, and that’d be a fucking dream job. $3200+rent a month for doing something I already love for a site I love. With corporate sponsorship like that, Next would have been awesome. Just awesome. It’s win-win for everyone.

I understand a business has to make money. 8chan needs to make money to survive, but making money and being open source is not mutually exclusive. Lots of sites do it, including reddit, one of the biggest sites on the Internet today. There is no reason to fear the AGPL license in terms of monetization. In fact, I had already concocted a bunch of different pitches for Jim to hear that would help monetize 8chan and provide real, valuable services worth paying for. I wanted 8chan to be successful, but I never got to tell him. Because he didn’t ever want to talk to me on my terms. He saw me as a pet or something.

Nov 28 11:45:45 <copypaste> 11:40 AM OK, I don’t want to interact with him. Security is your responsibility. If you can control him we can hire him. In the future please talk to and explain to me before community efforts begin. It is my fault for never visiting the infinity next website.

Why you want AGPL

AGPL protects your rights. AGPL lets you see what code a server is using to handle your requests. Simply being open source does not mean your freedoms are protected, and I would strongly suggest you read this article by Richard Stallman: Who does that server really serve?

The AGPL license DOES NOT prevent 8chan from using Infinity Next. What it does instead is prevent 8chan from running modified, undisclosed source code. Fredrick says that Jim is afraid I may sue him frivolously over proprietary side projects, like his ad network, if used in conjunction with Next. This is completely baseless and does not make sense from a technical standpoint. If Google ran a copy of Infinity Next and advertised with Google AdSense, I would somehow be able to claim ownership of Google AdSense in Jim’s legal world. It’s bullshit.

I can only see two possible reasons as to why Jim would want to close the source.

  • A twenty-plus year veteran of the Internet SaaS industry is genuinely terrified of a twenty-three year old penniless FOSS hippie perusing him over frivolous matters that have no case law to back them up.
  • Jim knows that if he adds code to Infinity Next that he doesn’t make public (i.e. violates the license terms), the Free Software Foundation and Richard Stallman will provide me with lawyers, as the AGPL license is guaranteed by them.

I’m not just basing this suspicion off nothing. Lets step back in time to another experience when the softserve ad network first started running.


Jim has reason to not like me and I have reason not to trust his intentions.

A while back I made the mistake of confronting Jim about safe for work ads on his personal board, /jim/. If I could do this over I’d probably just call him, but this is where things went sour and it’s probably why Jim was unwilling to hear the open source counter-offers I gave him during the coffee meeting. Because of this conversation, I think the job offer was more of a “Render Unto Caesar” move than a legitimate bid on the software.

Source: http://8ch.net/jim/res/1119.html, https://archive.is/mQhoM

In short, my point was that SFW boards should not get porn ads. This is pretty standard practice in the ad industry. If users don’t want to see your ads, they will either block them or stop using the site. Neither help you make money. This is common sense, and it’s why Google spends billions of dollars developing an ad network that tailors ads to use preference. Ads people want to see get clicked.

My mistake was considering that Jim didn’t think about this already. I legitimately thought, in my utter naivety, that this was so common sense that not adding it must have been an oversight. I saw this as a moment to engage our site’s new owner and convince him to make a change people wanted so he could show he cared, and it would be no problem and we’d all go hug each other and maybe eat pizza after. Instead I probably ended up dooming Infinity Next’s future with 8chan in only a couple of posts.

I was engaging Jim on his board during one of the few times Fredrick was over at my apartment looking at Next’s code (this was still early on, in September). Jim called Fred on his phone and told him to tell me to stop posting on /jim/. I asked Fred if I should talk to him, he said no, had Mochi pack up all his things and left immediately.

While SFW ad filtering did get added eventually, Fredrick later told me over the phone that Jim had wanted to charge money for ad removal on a board-by-board basis. His monetization idea was to make boards like /christian/ pay to remove porn ads. Jim had made his wealth prior to 2ch off the porn industry, and this sort of fleecing was probably standard practice.

Source: http://pastebin.com/UPGxeP9E

Nov 26 00:39:39 <copypaste> jim didn't make his money with 2ch
Nov 26 00:39:44 <copypaste> he made it from the sites before 2ch
Nov 26 00:39:53 <copypaste> 2ch is just his last remaining profitable web property
Nov 26 00:40:10 <copypaste> before 2ch he ran huge porn sites targeted towards the japanese
Nov 26 00:40:13 <copypaste> uncensored
Nov 26 00:40:19 <copypaste> he was the first to exploit that law loophole
Nov 26 00:40:38 <copypaste> that's how his services were known to japanese as an American host who would be happy to break jap law
Nov 26 00:41:03 <copypaste> of course, as he told me, the porn game changed dramatically over the years and he lost all his stake in it
Nov 26 00:41:22 <copypaste> he failed to thrive with changing codecs and piracy
Nov 26 00:41:31 <copypaste> but that's where most of his money came from.

I’m sorry I can’t provide more evidence on this point, but in short, I basically fucked up and ruined my reputation with Jim early on by having this confrontation with him in public. Everything that happened because of this was discussed in real life or over the phone, but this moment was when I started being really concerned about Jim interfering with development and it’s also why I am very resolute on not allowing Infinity Next to lose its AGPL status with 8chan after the fact.

This centipede is a predator.

I simply do not trust the code to that obfuscation, and to be absolutely clear, if Jim and Fred wanted to use Next they could. If they wanted to fork it, they could. If they wanted to contribute to it, they could. But they don’t want to, and they won’t, because their code would have to be open source and for whatever reason, they don’t want that. I don’t want to accuse anyone of wrongdoing, but shady code is the only justification I can come up with as to why Fredrick would reject the software license that he picked out specifically to prevent shady code. It just doesn’t make any fucking sense any other way, unless Jim is actually just that paranoid about my dumbass somehow coming up with a legion of lawyers to do my bidding.

8chan is the story of no one caring.

No one important, anyways. I think out of everyone with any power, Jim’s son and me were the only people who really gave a shit about 8chan for most of the length of development. Fred would show up long enough to cheerlead. For the first month especially, I was really optimistic. I just wish there was more of him during development. I really needed some scaffolding to develop into.

It was pretty obvious in November the project wouldn’t be ready in time. I didn’t want to go out without feature parity, and neither did anyone else, but Fred insisted we rush it out before 2016 because of the site’s deterioration. Infinity Next was originally written to future-proof imageboard development, and alleviate 8chan’s crippling disk I/O issues, but even as traffic slumped the site continued to slow down. This deterioration ended up being a complexity problem I had created myself right before Next was written. A nubile mistake, but one easily corrected. Even then, the original issues remained.

If Fred, or anyone else, had taken a moment to check up on 8chan’s current code, we’d of fixed this bug months ago. Very simple and easily implemented debugging tools like Blackfire or Tideways would have immediately shed light on the problem. It would have given us more time and reduced this sense of urgency. Infinity Next could still be under development this second if and prepping for the first migration attempt if this problem was nipped early on. We used similar tools to deduce migration problems in a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise.

If Fred, or anyone else, had contributed to the project more, we probably could have gotten it done in December, without even correcting the prior issue. But he didn’t. I guess that’s not his job, so it probably doesn’t matter. Who cares.

Nov 25 23:53:33 <copypaste> i mean you're the one that's getting paid to do it lol

In fact, towards the end there, maybe I didn’t care either. Maybe I took the “love it or shove it” pill. This is the immediately between the first failed migration and our trip to Japan. I was busting my ass to try and keep things together while he was packing for the trip. My morale was at an all-time low.

This is complete, but also available here: http://pastebin.com/GXnh018q

Dec 20 13:53:59 <n-tech> I've also decided I hate these fucking people and if 8chan dies I won't care
Dec 20 13:54:18 <n-tech> So much effort for so little
Dec 20 13:54:31 <copypaste> mm, you've taken the pill i took long ago
Dec 20 13:55:04 <copypaste> they did donate to you though
Dec 20 13:55:17 <copypaste> you should at least get it working
Dec 20 13:55:28 <copypaste> were they hard on you for the downtime? i didn't even look at any thread about ti
Dec 20 13:55:38 <copypaste> their opinions don't really matter, we did our best
Dec 20 13:55:43 <copypaste> bitching about it doesn't change anything
Dec 20 13:55:50 <copypaste> they're free to try on their own
Dec 20 13:56:02 <copypaste> i know all the conclusions without reading the threads, so why subject myself to the threads?
Dec 20 13:56:12 <copypaste> take the "love it or shove it" pill
Dec 20 13:56:15 <copypaste> it's good for your health
Dec 20 13:57:01 <n-tech> everywhere is exploding, people hate me
Dec 20 13:57:09 <copypaste> "exploding"?
Dec 20 13:57:11 <n-tech> like i can't post now without people dumping smug anime avatars
Dec 20 13:57:20 <n-tech> >post your face when you didn't donate to this
Dec 20 13:57:20 <copypaste> so don't post
Dec 20 13:57:22 <copypaste> i never post
Dec 20 13:57:48 <copypaste> do like i do, make announcements that can't be replied to
Dec 20 13:57:51 <copypaste> read their replies if you care
Dec 20 13:57:58 <copypaste> rinse and repeat
Dec 20 13:58:19 <copypaste> i've developed this strategy after seeing that previous ones fail
Dec 20 13:58:32 <copypaste> it works well, and they hate it because it works well
Dec 20 14:00:39 <copypaste> oh, there's a part two
Dec 20 14:00:44 <copypaste> anything i want feedback on is nunu's job
Dec 20 14:00:51 <copypaste> to collect the responses
Dec 20 14:01:04 <copypaste> and distill them to some meme-free content-full summary
Dec 20 14:20:54 <copypaste> ok, i see the /tech/ thread now
Dec 20 14:21:01 <copypaste> your first mistake was thinking those neckbeards could help you
Dec 20 14:21:10 <copypaste> the only one that came close to you was Lynx, and his chan is just lol
Dec 20 14:21:18 <copypaste> /tech/ has never finished a project
Dec 20 14:21:29 <copypaste> in the case of zirconium, beyond making some logos they did nothing else
Dec 20 14:21:36 <copypaste> (one may have checked out chromium source code)
Dec 20 14:22:25 <copypaste> also, you have to recognize that a whole day of downtime is a great opportunity for people who hate you to come and shill
Dec 20 14:22:28 <copypaste> regardless of any facts
Dec 20 14:22:33 <copypaste> because they know it will get to you
Dec 20 14:22:43 <copypaste> definitely /cow/ users are in that thread
Dec 20 14:23:25 <copypaste> johan is already an expert, you don't need any advice from those guys
Dec 20 14:23:54 <n-tech> I wanted to explain the problem and it turned into a guy dumping his smug anime girl avatar folder in under 30 minutes
Dec 20 14:24:02 <copypaste> yeah
Dec 20 14:24:03 <copypaste> i see that
Dec 20 14:24:25 <copypaste> i can tell you what oyu alredy know, that's just one guy
Dec 20 14:25:06 <copypaste> i think your post is well written
Dec 20 14:25:13 <copypaste> that would have made a good announcement, but not a good thread
Dec 20 14:25:34 <copypaste> i understand the problem even
Dec 20 14:26:01 <copypaste> the first step to fixing the problem is understanding
Dec 20 14:26:13 <copypaste> i've had migration failures which shut the site down for a day too before
Dec 20 14:26:14 <copypaste> read.php was one
Dec 20 14:26:24 <copypaste> another was when i tried to set up mysql cluster
Dec 20 14:26:39 <copypaste> they'll forgive and forget, eventually
Dec 20 14:26:47 <copypaste> i'm the only one that remembers those two impretty sure
Dec 20 14:27:15 <n-tech> I can't get Laravel's php unit tests working
Dec 20 14:27:36 <copypaste> they probably don't work
Dec 20 14:27:39 <copypaste> unit tests are just a meme
Dec 20 14:28:40 <copypaste> i have to leave and get ready for tomorrow
Dec 20 14:28:52 <n-tech> alright

If no one cares, why is 8chan still up?

This guy.

Hiroyuki Nishimura is the new owner of 4chan and is a long time business rival of Jim Watkins. The story is very minced so I’ll give you the skinny based on what I’ve picked up.

As Fredrick mentioned in this log, Jim’s business started out with porn, specifically porn aimed at the Japanese. By hosting porn sites off-shore, they could get around Japan’s genital censorship laws. 2ch was also hosted by Jim Watkin’s hosting company N. T. Tech. Something happened and Jim ends up gaining control of 2ch. I’ve been told two stories. Hiroyuki was either a crazed meth addict that abandoned 2ch and Jim adopted it, or Jim outright stole it as the server host. Then, I’ve been told both that Hiroyuki planted criminal datamining leaks in 2ch as revenge, and also that Jim framed Hiroyuki for the crime. I don’t know the truth and it’s irrelevant to the story of Infinity Next. The point is, Jim owns 2ch now and hates Hiroyuki.

The ownership transfer happened on September 21st, so this is a few months after the official start of Infinity Next in May. Jim’s interest in 8chan didn’t really take hold until after this point. Jim’s son was the one who saw 8chan as a good money sink worth having as to increase exposure for his other projects. Jim himself didn’t care about 8chan, but had said he enjoys keeping 8chan around only because he likes Fred as a friend. Regardless, Fred constantly expected the plug to be pulled at any time. In fact, when we met for coffee, he confided after Jim stormed out that he thought Jim’s job offer would be to replace him as community manager. Why he thought this I don’t know, maybe because of his non-involvement in Infinity Next.

So my hypothesis, based on what I know, is that Jim suddenly cares about 8chan’s survival and growth because of a personal conflict with Hiroyuki. Since every single thing in Fredrick’s life depends on him being able to keep on being Jim’s employee (as he is very financially dependent on Jim, and so is 8chan), I believe that his sudden outbursts against me and power grabs for Infinity Next are entirely motivated by his desire to placate an angry Jim. People laugh about me being afraid of Jim, but when Fred was first explaining the Hiroyuki situation to me, he said Jim would probably have Hiroyuki killed if he could. He told me that Jim has made him cry. Hell, Jim almost made me cry too after the ad network conflict.

I stress that I empathize with Fred’s situation. I understand he’s doing this shit to me because it’s required for him to continue existing in the state he’s very comfortable in. Pinning me with all the blame is the single best way to accomplish that. The Philippines is a great place to live, if you have money. 8chan and Fredrick’s welfare in his new home is entirely dependent on Jim seeing fit to sustain them, which he might not after finding out he can’t use Infinity Next the way he wants to because of licensing agreements that Fred came up with. I mean, from Jim’s point of view, I’m a pretty substantial fuck-up and giving me every reason possible to want to write something explaining business drama when you know I can is kinda atrocious.


These violations in privacy are something I take very seriously, as they should be. To reiterate, this is not something I write out of spite. I don’t want to see people hurting, but at the same time, I don’t want to be besmirched as some sort of con artist when I put everything I had into this project. 9 months is a huge chunk of my life that I’ll never get back and that I have nothing to show for. This project took the length of a full pregnancy term, and then at the end of it this fucking asshole I thought was my friend tries to frame me as some sort of scammer. I spent almost every waking moment trying to get this working right and then they want to take it at the very end, only when I’m no longer necessary. Nah, that ain’t happening.

I don’t hate Jim. He’s a businessman. I don’t hate Fredrick. He’s in a bad place and trying to protect his future. I don’t hate 8chan, and if I did, I wouldn’t bother protecting the license. I’m too narrow minded to hate. I’m too dumb to hold a grudge. All I wanted to do was write code, own what I write, and not get involved in any of this bullshit. I really don’t give a fuck about Hiroyuki or Jim or whatever.

I would have just faded away into the annals of time if given the opportunity, but having been called a thief, a liar, and an addict by someone I trusted, when all I fucking wanted to do was write code, is something I can’t really put up with. I did my fucking job to the best of my ability, more so than would have been required of me in a typical 9–5. If Fred had just let me go away, I would have, but he didn’t. That’s why I’ve written this.

Infinity Next will be complete, eventually, even if it’s just a hobby thing from now on. I promised you guys I would finish it. Even if 8chan never sees it, I want to see it. I want you to see it. I have plans on integrating with NNTPchan and developing a perceptual hash ban database to help weed out child pornography for NNTPchan front-ends. There’s a lot of cool ideas I still have, that I still want to write into existence, but they’ve all been set on the backburner because of this.

On my final note, I want to extend one special apology. I don’t know who “Stannis Baratheon” is, but this guy donated thousands of dollars by himself — more than Fredrick, even — and left no way to contact him. I don’t know who you are dude, and I don’t know why you donated as much as you did, but I want to thank you. Without you, I’d never have been able to get as far as I have. You cared more about what I was doing than the fucking people directly involved in the project, but I still couldn’t get you what you wanted. Yet, because of you, I got to continue my work for a few more months, and that’s all I really wanted to do. Work. I wanted this to work, and you let me try, so thank you — and sorry.


Josh, probably.

Written by

Internet famous PHP pro and bacon lover.