I’m going to be brutally honest.

I made 16K dollars my first year. 16K dollars. I had to live at home, like most of my contemporaries, and SUCK IT UP. Because we all have to start somewhere. And where we start isn’t necessarily going to be our dream job. But I learned a lot, took my time and got a new job at a great agency, and my career eventually took off. But there were times my boss screamed at me, I had to steal toilet paper from work for my apartment, and i had to buy my groceries at the dollar store.

I’m sorry but I would fire you if you wrote that to me as your manager. Because you could take ANOTHER JOB that pays more if you needed to.

You do know this letter is going to follow you and your career. And its going to make a scarlet letter on your career. I am sorry about that for you - but its perhaps a lesson you and your fellow millenials need to learn.

As for asking people to give you money? Are you kidding me? Get a job at Starbucks. Move in with your family. And if anyone is THINKING of giving you money I give you a REAL WORTHY CAUSE. I’m sorry you have no snacks but THESE PEOPLE DONT HAVE WATER. Perspective. I guess its a gift of getting older… http://detroitwaterbrigade.org/

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