The coffee business reaches all walks of life, from the Average Joe (pun not intended,) to the Hardcore Caffeine Junky. This makes it difficult for baristas to connect together online, as our search for one another is buried under 10,000 Instagram posts about Deborah’s cup of Folgers. Fortunately, a small group of accounts across multiple platforms have formed to shine a light on the coolest group of individuals, baristas.

My top 3 favorite accounts in the coffee community are:

  1. Barista Life (Twitter, Instagram, and Website)

This community blog and social media group was founded as way for the barista community to blow off steam about customer interactions and share content, such as memes, with one another. They present themselves as “the most relatable community for baristas and coffee lovers that allows you to be a part of something bigger. Up until today, there has never been a place for baristas to go where they can engage with others who actually want to listen to what they have to say.”

They offer their current platform, which has over 50,000 Twitter followers, as a place for baristas to write and develop guides for fellow baristas to improve oneself as a barista. They also allow coffee shops and Starbucks locations to take over their Snapchat to follow the “day in the life” of an average barista. This whole idea has sparked many similar blogs and accounts, and allows this super creative community to share content.

Also included under this platform is a online shop with coffee gear and apparel made by baristas for baristas!

2. Starbucks Partners (Twitter and Instagram)

Photo by Kix Patterson

These accounts are controlled by the PR department at Starbucks Corporate. Generally used for fixing issues for partners (the term Starbucks uses for employees,) these accounts also interact with baristas all around the world. I have personally communicated with these accounts, including comments on my coffee/barista related content on Instagram.

Interaction between @ItsKixP and @StarbucksPartners

While this platform might seem limited, It has connected many baristas to one another and allows locally located baristas to see each other interact together.

3. coffeecertainly (Twitter and Instagram)

Daily post from @coffeecertainly on Instagram

This dual-platform account posts daily pictures of coffee and coffee shops. They also share coffee gear websites and sales for the ever-expanding selection of brewing methods. While this may not provide a great platform for connection among baristas, it does provide inspiration for creativity in latte art and hipster chić. Weekly Twitter polls bring a small bit of barista-centered fun to your timeline!

Thanks to all of the above accounts for being apart of my barista journey! Feel free to share with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! Follow me on all of the above (excluding Pinterest!) on @ItsKixP.

Heart You All!

Kix P.

I am a 20-something living in Memphis. I post mostly about the coffee culture I’m involved in. I’m truly addicted to caffeine. Follow me everywhere: @ItsKixP

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