Recently, I covered a new branch of the coffee-lover’s audience in a live-tweet event. This group of middle-aged men gather daily in a local business to drink coffee and enjoy each other’s company. Many of these men are well-off and could retire today, but choose a simple life with friends and a cup of Folgers coffee.

Photo by Kix (@ItsKixP on Instagram)

During this meeting, I listened in to conversation that were occurring among the men. Topics included sports, business, and the upcoming chance of snow.

Tweets from the live event

After speaking to a member named Bill, I learned that this meeting has been occurring for well over 20 years. “Some of the men who are present are the sons of the original coffee club members that met at the local hardware store before it closed,” stated Bill.

As the time approached 10:50 AM, the men gathered their things and began to leave. They said their goodbyes to one another and to crew in the lobby of the building.

From the outside, this group may not seem like a valid portion of the coffee community. When you dive deeper into the connection between these men, it becomes apparent that a daily meeting with friends and coffee can become a refreshing way to start the day with joy. For that reason, I can safely conclude that these men are full members of the coffee community and should be treated as such!

Thanks to the 9:30 Coffee Club for allowing me to intrude into your meeting!

Heart You All!

Kix P.

I am a 20-something living in Memphis. I post mostly about the coffee culture I’m involved in. I’m truly addicted to caffeine. Follow me everywhere: @ItsKixP

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