Update (Monday April 24, 2017 @ 8:05PM): So a funny thing occurred exactly two weeks from the posting of this article, the post went viral. At 3PM central time, @Barista_Life retweeted the tweet to its followers. In the next 12 hours, the post soared from 250 impressions to well over 4,000. At the time of this writing, the post has plateaued at 4,621 impressions.

Screenshot of Twitter Analytics for viral content post as of 8:10 Pm 24/4/17

Original Post from April 11 @ 6:01 PM

For this week’s assignment, we were asked to create a piece of viral content that pertained to our blog focus. I decided that a barista related meme would be the best option for viral content, since many similar accounts use memes to draw in new followers.

Meme posted for viral content project

This meme relates to a common issue that baristas encounter, a customer that just won’t speak up until they get frustrated. The basis of the meme comes from a viral trend that pre-existed during the time of my post. I adapted this meme to better fit my followers. I also tagged many barista Twitter accounts hoping that my content would get shared.

Metrics from March 15-April 10 across multiple platforms

Looking at my analytics, I failed to create viral content. I feel that I should have created a video for Instagram, as that has become one of my most viewed posts across social media platforms. The physical content was not lacking in design or substance, but rather struggled due competition with other viral trends within the community.

Have an idea of how I could have made better viral content? Drop it in the comments below, and it might get featured!

Heart You All!

Kix P.

I am a 20-something living in Memphis. I post mostly about the coffee culture I’m involved in. I’m truly addicted to caffeine. Follow me everywhere: @ItsKixP

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