A corrupt mind and a corrupt file.

If I was advisor to the king of Kasese, I would suggest forming or recharging a real militia (where civilised militias are social revolutions). Museveni clearly lacks competition. Ignorance and lack of courage, is the reason Africa keeps suffering accordingly. This is often linked to the side effects of poor leadership. So what is poor leadership and what causes it?
The great thought theorist Eisten once commented that logic takes us from point A to B, while imagination takes us everywhere. Africa seems stuck in a box of over reliance on programmed thinking. This is evident in their continent’s stagnation. The slow pace in improvements in the areas of healthcare, education and social welfare, can be used to point at this. We are stuck. We seem to lack any new ideas on improvements in leadership, that would improve standards of living, as a realistic way of catching up with modernisation through technology in a fast paced 21st century. Not the increase in electronics and digitisation in our countries for the sake of being cool, but the use of ultra technologies to reconstruct cities and improving other public good sectors away from military spending and massive infrastructure. Sectors of health and education are two such critical sectors requiring radical surgery in Africa. Modernisation seems to have caught our current leaders the wrong way. Seems the whole idea behind technology has happend too fast for them. They have no idea of which one to begin with. They do not know, and they are never interested in our "silly suggestions of how to run government." This is the root of our sufering.
As we suffer courage deficiency on one side, on the other side, wide spread beliefs such as the famous "not questioning leaders for only God chooses them and knows them. And He alone will touch their hearts and change them into good men." Such beliefs keep hurting Africa. Modern bloodless attempts to rise against regimes have always failed because of fear and citizenship lack of willingness in direct political involvement. Powerful politicians often threaten to eliminate, which they often do through mafia style assassinations or mass killings. When such happens, men and women are engulfed with fear, none any more is willing to rise. We widely cling on religion for refuge. Some cases of which are often related to a mixture of ignorance and cowardice among citizens. Religious men say fighting is a sinful undertaking and so they wont partake of it. So they wont commit to any fights. Not even extreme struggle for dialogue and peaceful reconciliation. They will stay “safe and moderate” by hiding to pray.
Africa nowdays lacks its traditional warriors. Men who once centuries ago were on the front line, to lay down their lives for the future security of their dwellings. Such are the beautiful warrior stories of the Shona and Zulu kingdoms. Nowdays, cowadice mixed in ignorance is the new desease sweeping accross the continent, just as small pox inflicted Europe in the days. Citizens especially in my country Kenya, often openly and shamelessly express their apathy and disinterest in political revolutions. While others are disinterested in knowing on one hand, others are hiding under their beds on the other. Such are the related challenges down in Uganda’s neighbour Burundi for the better part of 2016. This is a country where there exists a clueless opposition in all senses and for all the obvious reasons. Lack of courage to succumb to intimidation. The courage to fight ignorance, and the courage to use new knowledge both from the medieval and the modern, to counter effectively by fighting poor leadership by all means and in all ways possible is what lacks. 
We are however glad that amidist all the gloomy weather, there is good news across to the west from the Ghana and even Gambia. Electoral bodies have made us proud by holding elections and not ballot theatrical performances. But again the struggle is not yet up for celebration given the sudden turn of events from the incumbent president once conceded defeat, now un-conceded are the hard lessons to be learnt as is Gambia’s case. This meant to remind us of the far we still trail in this struggle for a better Africa.

Visionary approaches to political proccesses to be replicated accross our continent is all we need. The courage to refuse compromise at all costs and showing our individual commitments to fight, because our education allows us to clearly see possible long term effects of today’s compromises. It is the ultimate way to fix many of our problems. The cause of corruption, is a corrupted mind. Just as your computer would have a corrupted file. And just as a corrupted file won’t open, so a corrupted mind can not deliver. Just as a computer with an updated antivirus programme can not have its files corrupted, an informed mind cannot be corrupted. This is the leadership crisis of the millennials in Africans. The struggle calls for everyone’s personal efforts to win the war.