Autumn. It’s one of my two favorite seasons.

Like Spring (my other fav) is to Summer, Autumn to Winter is a pivotal and transitional month that brings about many beautiful changes. Which for me, is very pertinent and true of my life right now.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the Autumnal Equinox (the first day of Autumn, for those of us who prefer to speak in non-spiel, layman terms 🙄) usually falls on or around my birthday, September 23rd. Regardless, I literally love EVERYTHING about autumn, bar those treacherous brown soggy leaves that try their best to make me slip and fall to my untimely death in full view of every damn car and pedestrian.😒

Boy BAH! 👋🏾🍂🙅🏽 There is one place for those sorts of leaves. The fiery depths of HELL 💁🏽

👀👀👀 *Clears throat* (x2)

However, if I could just bring it back to the pleasantries and my general autumn advocacy, 👀 the penultimate season of the year instigates the welcome beginning of soooo many of my FAVOURITE things in life. From my wardrobe, makeup and nail choices, to my food, drink, park visits and generally heightened admiration of nature.

My attire goes from one of semi-scantily clad, to layers upon layers of knitwear. Chunky knit scarves, knitted dresses, oversized knitted jumpers and cardigans! My go-to caps are swiftly dashed to a darkened corner of my room and happily replaced with my beloved beanies. I can publicly and legitimately whip out the thigh highs and of course the less domineering ankle boots. For the first time since winter, I don’t get questioned as to why I’m only wearing black or grey! In harmony with the remaining leaves on the trees, I get to rock those deep reds, purples, oranges, mustard yellows and browns on my face and nails.


As it becomes cooler, I can start the rotation of my million pairs of gloves (that I annoyingly and inevitably lose one side of each). The fairy lights and heaters begin to make their appearance on restaurant, cafe and pub patios.The long-awaited spiced season is upon us and I can somehow (in my mind) justify my third daily visit into Starbucks for that deliciously sweet, creamy and calorific (hey! you need that extra podge to get you through winter!)👀 spiced collection of Eggnog, Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Latte. 
Please do not even get me STARTED on the love affair Mulled Wine and I share. And those spiced crumbles. Oh My SWEET Loooooooord Jeeeeesus CHRIST. Just don’t! Just D O N’ T!

As much as I love love love to see flowers and trees in full bloom in their vibrant Spring colours — and trust me, I’m obssessed, I simply can’t get enough of just how captivating the colours of the trees are during Autumn. Even the bare trees look like art. 
I love the smog in the morning and to put the cherry on top of the proverbial Autumn cake, short of slipping on those DAMNED devil leaves, I get to look super cool in my shades, because, (a lot of the time) the sun and blue skies are still very much with us!

Ah MAN! It’s such a GORGEOUS season.

Do you know what, I’m just going to go ahead and say it. I think I’m in love with a season. Judge me how you will! The love we share is REAL.

Even the gym becomes empty! All those alleged “gym buffs” retreat until summer! It signals the beginning of the comfy and cozy season.The strobe lights and dance music are replaced with vanilla and SPICED scented candles, acoustics and couches.

Hot diggidy DAMN! This season can do NO wrong!

Ugh! — Everything about it just makes me SO happy and SO excited. And an added bonus is that the end of year family time and celebrations are just around the corner!

It’s a little late, but Happy Autumn! (Yes, I’m making that a thing) 💁🏽


What’s your favourite season?

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