Late Night Thoughts with H & H…Part 4

And in that moment it dawned on me.

I’d never been by myself in a guys house, let alone upstairs and headed for his bedroom.

Yet here I was. The thoughts in my head were spinning fast, and my heart was beating even faster. And though he never let on, I was quite sure Hunter could hear it thud thud thudding against my chest.

I felt as though I was walking through water, despite the short reality of the journey to his bedroom. I was just so nervous! Just before he pulled down on the door handle, he cupped my face with one hand and kissed me, deeply. Had he continued any longer my knees would have given way right there, but thankfully he retracted and he led me into his room.

I scanned it: Shelves with books and a chest of draws to the left and a large matching mahogany wardrobe, with a black guitar perched on top, to the right. My eyes stopped dead in the centre, where, in front of large balcony doors, was a king-sized bed, draped in deep red silk sheets, to accompany all the other red accents in the room.

As sunset approached, it was light enough to make out the main features of each other and dark enough (thank Christ,) to help disguise the nervousness I was helplessly trying to hide. He kissed me on my forehead and left me for a moment whilst he turned his laptop on and played what could only described as slow, sensual, seductive music.

In that brief moment when I sat there alone, I became paralyzed at the thought of what was inevitably coming next. And it was actually inevitable, because it wasn’t until that very moment, that I realised just how much I wanted him — how much I craved him.

A second later, he was back by my side and, kissing me on the palm of my hand, looked up and asked, “Are you okay?” I nodded in a quick, childlike manner, which brought out that contagious smile of his. And when that contagious smile was accompanied with those sexy chocolate brown hooded eyes, it made me weak; it sent a tingling sensation straight through me. This meant I didn’t protest when he gently pushed me back so I was laying down.

With my head propped up on a couple of his silk-coated pillows, he simultaneously applied just the right amount of force to the deep kiss as well as pressure through his fingers that were now fondling inside my underwear. 
I involuntarily let out a moan, as between my legs began to tremble and my entire body throbbed and pulsated with pleasure.

Where the fuck did that moan come from? I thought to myself in complete shock and embarrassed confusion.

I didn’t need to open my eyes, I could feel him smiling at how good he was making me feel. He continued, only letting up to ask with a whisper “Are you okay?” Opening my eyes and, for the first time since being on his bed, loosening my grip on the sheets, I held his face with both hands and breathlessly responded “Yes.” 
I let out a squeal and a giggle when he used his knees to swiftly spread my legs wide apart and in between kisses on my forehead placed a couple more pillows behind my head, saying “I want you to watch”.

Watch what? I naively thought to myself.

I was, rather appropriately, wearing a denim snap button dress, that he very eagerly ripped open. My reflex was to cover my body, but his reflexes were quicker and he pinned my arms up beside my head. I pointlessly recoiled and wriggled and only stopped when I saw how hungrily Hunter was looking at me. “You’re so fucking sexy Hayden, and you don’t even realise”. I felt myself blush and, intensely looking me dead in the eyes, he continued, “Please Hayden, I’m begging you, please let me pleasure you”.

I bit my lip, and as if it were a pre-rehearsed signal for you can do what the fuck you want with and to me, he did just that.

On the way down he very attentively and delicately tended to every part of my quivering body, and with that, his licks and kisses found their way between my legs.

Oh. I finally understood. This is what he wanted me to watch.

In a similar way to the rest of my clothes, he removed my knickers and although my initial reaction was to push him off, it quickly progressed from a feeling of OMG stoppit right now, to unashamedly flexing my hips and maneuvering his head and thinking, OMFG PLEASE don’t ever stop!

When, on several occasions, I just couldn’t take it anymore and tried to close my legs, Hunter would forcibly push them apart and firmly hold them down, completely exposing me in the most intimate of ways.

Once he was satisfied that I was sufficiently satisfied, he reached up, and wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, pulled on the light switch that was dangling from the ceiling. The cylindrical sheer lamp shade illuminated the room in the most erotic shade of red, which served only to increase, by at least 100%, the alluring lustfulness of it all.

He left me writhing in the sheets for 30 seconds or so, whilst he removed the rest of his clothing and slipped on protection.

How could someone be so goddamn sexy? Ugh!

His chest hair tickled as resumed his position on top of me and restored the heat between us. He kissed me and looked down at me as he flexed his hips in an unsuccessful attempt to enter me. “Have you done this before Hayden?” he asked with a degree of concern. With wide eyes, I shook my head and buried it in his chest in. He lifted my chin up and kissed me and after licking his index and middle finger, began moving them in and out of my sex. Then suddenly without clear warning, he pushed himself inside me. I flinched and dug my nails into his back, letting out increasingly loud moans as we established a rhythm.

I felt an uncomfortable but bearable stinging sensation and wanted to ask him if this was how it was supposed to feel. I would have done, had he not been in the zone, experiencing the very same internal eruption that caused him to grunt and shudder in the same way he’d made me. For that reason, I let him have his wicked way. In fact, I think I was slowly beginning to enjoy the pleasurable pain.

With heavy breathing, his beautiful body tensed up and then went limp. For a few seconds I felt the full weight of his body, though he quickly relieved my lungs by flopping down beside me and pulling me in close.

I lay on my right side, with my left arm across his belly and head underneath his chin, whilst his left arm cradled me. I could definitely hear and feel his pulse slowing down as he drifted off. But what I couldn’t be sure I heard, was the“I love you” just before he dozed off.

Unsure, I quietly responded, “I love you too”, and fell into a deep and satisfying sleep.

Tomorrow was going to be interesting…

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