In search of perfection.

There is no such thing as perfect. Perfect is just a state of comfort. Something that your mind, heart and soul finds it easier to settle for. Perfect is a feeling. Like that perfect amount of sugar in your tea. Like that perfect minute you wake up before your alarm goes off and still feel fresh. Like that perfect moment you reach the station and you get your favourite seat in the train. Perfect is perception. Just like religion. That is a whole different topic I would talk about another day, but today I want to share how perfect has ruined how the world perceives.

You don’t have fair, spotless skin, you are not perfect. You have a paunch and thunder thighs, move along, you are not perfect. You don’t have a degree, you are working double shifts to earn a living, you are never going to be perfect. You are from India, ofcourse you aren’t perfect.

So what on earth is this perfect and who set these standards?!

Since this is my first attempt at writing, I will try to keep it simple and perfect. Like I said earlier, perfection is perception. To each his own. You will be the most perfect human being, but for the girl who you have set your heart upon, you might just not be there yet. And honestly, it isn’t her fault or yours. It’s not your inadequacy that is the root cause of this, its just perception. Maybe the way she sees you has changed over time. Maybe she loves you even, but you are not going to be perfect if she perceives perfect differently than what you do. There will never be such a thing as a perfect relationship. You just need to perceive the same picture. There is no need for perfection, if you both are willing to work on your imperfections and match them perfectly. Find perfections in flaws. Fight for finding perfection in whatever you care about and not in the things the world expects you to find perfect. Trust me, the fights are better. It only shows that you care. You will sleep better knowing that you allow their imperfections to thrive in your perfect world. And they will be happier knowing they are perfect atleast for someone. The day you do that, that is when you will find perfection.