The heart that broke bad.

Today I write not to make a point, but let the heart feel free. It’s been quite some time when it has beat for its own sake. It has been tried, it has been tested, it has been thrown under a bus, it has seen some glory days, but it’s tired now. It’s tired of being so good, so forgiving all the time. So much, that sometimes it just breaks bad lately. The curses, the ego, the fights, the anger, the depression, nobody sees beyond that. Everyone just digs into the topmost layer of these said emotions and give up on this heart. Selfish, that’s what they call it now. The heart that has only loved, only forgave, only wanted good for everyone… more importantly, the heart that never gave up on anyone. And yet, it finds itself sitting in its room alone, pouring its feelings out on a blog, hurt, sad, broken.

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