Roy Batty — Tears In The Rain

To live righteous or by guess, I guess I’m a guest of both.

I hope to be like Barack and I’ll continue to quote 2Pac.

Introspective and less in the direction of external groundings.

Reaching to be financially stable but first I must be able to connect internal cables.

Humble but I stumble upon my ego and it won’t let me go.

It all stays on earth, but since birth, I’ve questioned whether I’m a gift or a curse, or much worse, I’m a gift and the curse. Conflicted on how I can better my worth.

This year, my favorite lesson has to be learning to be less aggressive to nouns to whom/what I feel possessive towards — of course this is subjective but my message is to make your heart and soul the object of your affection without objection on the force.

The more inward I go, the less external emotion I show. I know it plays a role in my humanity but I feel certain that I would be dead without this level of sanity — so I — close the curtain to manage me.

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