Photo: Craig T Lee

My route’s design proved its difficulties. The rain that surfaced from my eyes. The clouds that kidnapped my judgment. The wind that blew my mind away. This route is not for you. At times I think it’s not for myself. Ambitiously taking the scenic route — doubt, I didn’t possess — yet there was a lack of proccessing the steps needed. Fly away.

AmbitionZ — from A to Z — beginning to end — it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You’ve decided to fully put your trust in God, bypassing nouns. You went face-to-face with that mirror. “I’ll die before I do anything outside of my passion,” you reflectively said. Those words caught you. Rain crossed your eye’s path. Recalling it effortlessly. January 20, 2009. As Obama was sworn into office, you swore into your own. Thoughts of suicide crossed your path, but you kept it pushing. Opting to go with hope instead of rope was impressive. Impress me once again by jumping through more hurdles. Heart on your sleeveless arms, mindfulness, imperial judgement.

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