Meek and mild.

David B. Smith — A Moment of Consequence

It’s a blackout and all men who are led blind shall feel the wrath of fire. Blind and misinformed. Charming yet flawed. Regret we don’t have, but lessons learned, we share plenty and are fruitful for the offering. Allow the ground to open up and swallow all of those who come as broken men — for we know that God has the worse of us, while we get the best of him. It’s a trade that goes undervalued and one shall not take that for granted.

Consider a loss a lesson and never debt of depths’ end. The beautiful story of how loss turned into triumph and how pain turned to gain.

If I learned, I earned. Depressed but still impressed with how amazing life is and how God is always right on time — divinity for the cause. Bottle it up and release the cap to my Lord. Wronged many times, but admittedly so — the humidity grows, in life and Lucifer heats things up. It’ll turn a romantic situation cold, it’ll turn a healthy friendship to mold and parental guidance to a world we’ll never properly know. Bitter but better still. Timid but confidence builds.

Meek and mild, we still smile like a child who walks the tiles of a candy shop. Tribulations and trials near the mile as we encounter cops. Empty handed when they searched me. “Where’s the weed,” they asked. “Not here,” I relied — similar to the man that once birthed me. Now I earth thee. Am I worthy? Living a life that was created from an accident in March of 1992, let’s see what that madness do. Meek and mild, I internally frown, but that smile wears itself quite nicely when I face a crowd.

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