My Lord

Photo: Craig T Lee

Where’s the lesson? Since an adolescent I’ve been quick to offer up some questions. The adversity that I face, we’ll consider it testing — to see if I’m deserving or not of the opportunities that will and I’ll be heavenly blessed with. Turning away from external, focusing on my external, keeping in my mind the eternal.

I’m God-made, so I’m built for this life but afterlife? I’ll do anything to reach that twice. The invisible plight I endure to secure my faith in everything you have to offer me. Quite often the image of my coffin projects vividly in my head. Do I believe in myself as much as you need me to? Speed dial, less than a smile, I place this call to your gates — which awaits my arrival. I’m in denial that I don’t need love, yet I’m not afraid to offer it. The heart is not an organ you can bargain with. It’s priceless but I must remember to be as Paul and NEVER lose heart. Keep your heart 3 stacks — prayer, compassion, and strength.

To question you, is to bring failure. To even think that you do not have the answers is an insult. No more insults, the cast shall be removed. The wrong cast in my episode of life shall be an eluded channel.

It’s just, I look around and I see the silver spoons that they use. They don’t know what it’s like! Okay okay, you’re right. Worry about my own intuition, I’ll never have to fight. Worry about another man's, I’ll never earn the sight — to see the blessings within this all. Divided we don’t fall, but when we’re in need, we know who to call.

Sincerely, your son,