Solid-tude (exhale)

I call for it. It neglects my call. I know it hears me. Refusing to allow my introvert-like act surface.

Am I not solid enough to enjoy solitude? My peace is disturbed and I’d prefer to go unheard by my herd until I fix what has occurred.

Feel free to leave me alone in a room filled with books and tear-worthy R&B music. Escapism is craved, a lot.

It’s scary to like a woman so much, scary to dream this big. I could be living comfortable right now but that’s not how I want to live. Traded the picket fences for goals that touch my senses. Tears get shed as fear bled — out of me. On the balcony contemplating what in the world will amount of me? I’d give anything up for what I want, so what’s charging fee?

Anything? That’s dangerous. I’m solid I promise. I think. I’ll think it over, in solitude.

Photo: ka92

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