Take care, Carl

photo: Vladimir Kush

There’s an overcast. “It’s been raining nonstop lately,” I told Jenna. “Rain? Carl, it hasn’t rained in like 10 days,” she replied, staring at me in confusion as we launched rocks into lake. I looked at my reflection and somehow the reflection brought about rumination — unrecognizable — I now presented self. My eyes turned into a car’s front windshield.

“Hello???,” Jenna said as she waved her hands back and forth in front of my eyes. Eyes rolled to the back of my head, I had lost consciousness. Truly, I believe, I had lost it all. Everything felt squandered. Currently controlled by currency, emergencies emerged and guns gone wild with no control. “You know Jenna,” I said as I looked at her, with my eyes squinted and the sun turning pages between the clouds, reflecting through the outside of my pupils. “Jumping into this lake sounds awesome, but, hear me out: what if I never jumped out?”

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