The good that comes from your character being tested

Rob Baggs — Adversity

Material possessions are not the makeup of my foundation. Somehow, it made up roots and materialistic groundings within the control panel. Stripped of material possessions, I realized how naked my soul actually stood in a mirror and before the earth.

“You learn more about your character when the bottom falls out, than you ever could when life goes your way.” — Lecrae

I’ve been on both ends: when life is going my way and when the world feels as if it’s against me. When good strikes, life presents a light jog through the park on a clear-sky day in April. When bad strikes, life runs an intense race up the side of Mount Everest and I question if I’ll ever rest again. I piled on happiness during the good but rarely learned about my character. Resilience was pulled out once the going got tough.

I became strong through affliction. The evils of the world are impactful and inevitable, but my core is strengthened to ready itself for war. I prepared for war but prayed for white flags — surrendering to any harmful nature and any battles with the evils of the world.

Going in-depth about my pains and headaches will not add solidity or necessary weight to the impact of this piece and will likely fail to bring peace through the barbwire you-yourself face. Knees may hit the ground in exhaust conditions, but we must never lay down and give the world our back. When the world has your back, you can’t move forward. Instead, you rewind and launch yourself further into a concrete root, a root you don’t want, in the grand scheme.

I bend: I’ve cried, sulked and my chest has tightened.

I don’t fold: I’ve wiped my tears, made plans for new actions and kept it pushing.

Don’t stay in your pain without knowing there’s growth to promote. Stay afloat and rest assured of reassured value that there is more — life — continues to subtract despair, while you subtract and relinquish in order to repair and distinguish aspects. The good that comes from your character being tested, you’ll find out that you’ve been blessed with — the tools to escape any unforeseen trace or message of a path you never wanted to last or even mess with. That’s my message. Bask in knowing that the future will see the present moment as the past; this too shall pass before mass sustainability is held.

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