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Big Sean’s full circle moment with ‘Detroit 2’

“The artist has studied this world of variety and has, we suppose, unobtrusively found his way in it. His sense of direction has brought order into the passing stream of image and experience. This sense of direction in nature and life, this branching and spreading array, I shall compare with the root of a tree.” — Paul Klee

Growth is paramount in reaching a new level. Alignment and timing form divinity. The two are synonymous pieces to your entity, laboring for strengthened roots. All occurrences — whether good or bad — are working for the greater good of your outcome. The outcome isn’t a one-stop shop. We’re constantly shedding layers for more clarity on our path. …

The house is not full of balloons, but my spirit floats through air as such. Peace is volatile and I cherish it upon visitation.

A unique birthday where it won’t…

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Langston Hughes — Photo by: Fred Stein/Getty Images

Every year, within this decade, found a boy who deeply, desperately, wanted to find peace — even if just a piece — of mind.

I started this series 3 years ago. Reflecting on a trilogy of releases, there’s no avoidance of my introspection being. As I write this, a special prayer is sent to my grandfather, who I pray gets the chance to see 2021.

I’ve done my fair share of unlearning. In fact, this decade has been spent on learning the narratives that should be stopped, instead of processing for further succession. I relish in knowing I made it through, bravely, with God’s touch.

I resided in pain and vacationed in comfort — an awful way to live.

For some time, sadness took over as I looked back at a decade full of harsh lessons; the decade of survival. I resided in pain and vacationed in comfort — an awful way to live. Unfortunately, this comfort was not found within, forcing the hand of unwanted turmoil. …

In perspective, a sneaker can never afford my joy.

A Nike check takes my checks and deflates — further lunging me into an opposite state of continuous joy and delivers depreciation.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the luxury, yet, to lay in the comfort of material, marks control.

Clothing my insides with brands isn’t possible.

All remains impermanent, even at times, my words — for emotions shuffle, accordingly.

Still, reflective of a brand, I offer my words as a timepiece and a transparent document of the now.

Still, reflective of a brand, my words can potentially be vital to how we view the now.

Skyline Drive — Shenandoah (photo credit: Travel and Leisure)
Skyline Drive — Shenandoah (photo credit: Travel and Leisure)
Shenandoah Mountains — photo credit: Travel & Leisure

My inspiration grows stale as I stall on building new blocks of growth. Our current circumstances have me feeling locked down. Productivity is superior to the feeling of experiencing new ventures. The lack of excitement is a byproduct of burnout. Here’s to the realization that I need to escape the norms of my daily schedule.

Picture us rollin’ —

hitting the road with a destination —

or not.

I don’t care we go.

Energy can be the navigation.

Crisp air and a foggy skyline drive.

Song of choice: Freddie Gibbs “Something To Rap About” (instrumental).

Pack a cooler with our favorite snacks.

Did you remember to bring a lighter?

I want these flowers to lift us up,

because I’ve been secluded and feeling down.

Craving a high to exhaust the lows.

It’s all in God’s plan.

His blueprint? I’m following.

Leave it all to him.

Friends, family, those I admire and love — and those I look up to, those I’ve never met, but energy has been felt — your existence has existed within the arena I host my diction.

A price tag hangs on my words that exceeds anything else I can offer in my physical existence. Influence of emotion, if you’re not prepared, words can instigate many wars. Words can coax a fortress of peace.

I’ve spent a great deal of time penning my thoughts about God, life, love, pain, joy, music, tragedy, triumph and family. I’ve penned instructions to self on how to see my way out of misery and documenting exactly how I feel in moments — for better or for worst. …

Please, take me for what I am, not for what I can be. Promises left empty from many and you’ve endured plenty, so, let’s not envy the unknown with what’s occurring in the past, present and what you’ve been shown; that’s my preference. Fear won’t keep us from experiencing a life of divinity. The Accordance of God and the outcome is bliss. There’s a flow we create: one of no expectations and one of patiently waiting. Not too serious but no game playing. Your attention? I’m maintaining.

Outside of my comfort zone is my new operation for elation.

While the world burns, finding fulfillment from doing what’s on my heart has restored a bit of balance. 2020 has desensitized me. The return to feeling required comfort zones to become obsolete. Outside of my comfort zone is my new operation for elation. Standing within the same four walls never created a window of opportunity. …

I just want us to be comfortable for now

You say: if I’m their muse, allow them to reveal themselves.

I say: timidity shouldn’t be in your vicinity, it’s bad…

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Use Somebody — Jason JaFleu Fleurant

Thinking further into my addictions.

A dent in my afflictions.

I ignored it, thus, leading to bad intentions.

You’ll never understand a person’s struggle unless you’ve been there yourself. I now know that firsthand. Even to that extent, it isn’t very certain, for we all have different vantage points. My addiction is making its point to take advantage.

I crave the rush, not the act itself.

The high is impeccable.

The guilt is tremendous once the high ends.

To share such struggles with friends feels pointless. What can they do? …


Craig T Lee

The thoughts of an intro-extroverted being. I can’t take these words with me when I’m gone. I vent, you relate.

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