Made an app at 14 years old, it now has over 5 million users.

After the huge success of Alec Jones with his ChatBot, I decided to share my own story.

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It all started on Twitter in 2013, I used to jailbreak my IPhone on every iOS I could, then I saw this “Cydia Alternatives” which were a great option if there was no jailbreak available, i saw the ups and downs of each one, and looking at myself as a 14 year old with nothing more to do other than study, play and rest, I decided to start making an alternative to those “Cydia Alternatives” my goal was to improve what was not very good and excel at what they were already good. That’s how I got my app built. In under 1 month the last version of it was done, after several rebuilds until I had it look how I wanted. Now it is the biggest and most popular Cydia Alternative, or how I like to call it, App Installer, to have ever existed. With more than 8 million users since launch in September 2016 until now. With more than 100k daily users and more than 200k daily visits. Pretty cool numbers huh? Well, I did not decide to write a post just to brag, so here I go with what I think lead to this success and how you can also do it.

  • A good way to get a jumpstart is by making something that the media is interested in showing.

This might look stupid, but in fact it is very important. When i made the app there were and still are a few very big youtuber who make videos about these apps, so I knew that if I made a great app they would end up making a video! For free! Because they wanted to!

  • UI 33% usability 33% and [insert main feature here] 33%

I think a very big part of my success was due to the correct mixture of all of these things. I did 5 complete rebuilds until I got the UI to look how I wanted to, this also meant it had user-friendly design that helped new users get on with the app real fast, and the last part, which in my case was how many apps I offer + how much do I update these apps.

  • New users

The key to have a successful app/service that continues to grow has a lot do wo with the aesthetic of your service, you must try to make the user feel he/she is about to experience an exclusive service that really feels premium, in my case it is a free app, but everything I just talked about is something I focused big part of my time.

And now the last Question: How do 5 million users affected you?

Well, this is weird, because once you get used to seeing the numbers go up it starts to not make a difference, but you always have that itch at the back of your head that always reminds you not to forget the app. So really, you become a workaholic, and I still don’t know if that’s good or bad.

This wouldn’t have sense if you didn’t know what app are we talking about, so here I leave it : TweakBoxApp

This is my first Medium post and I am not even English so… sorry for my English :)

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