It’s On Us Partners with JoJo Ring’s #KeysForChange Initiative

This blog is a guest post by Jordan Dudden, the Founder and Creative Director of JoJo Rings. This August, JoJo Rings will be supporting It’s On Us as their August #KeysForChange philanthropy partner.

My name is Jordan Dudden and I am extremely grateful and excited to have the opportunity to be a small part of the It’s On Us mission.

I first heard about this amazing organization when I was at college at Syracuse University. There, I listened to Vice President Joe Biden speak about the It’s On Us movement to end sexual assault on campus. His passion and conviction inspired me to dig deeper into the issue.

As a college student, I was no stranger to the presence and effects of sexual assault on campuses, but It’s On Us really opened my eyes to the brutal realities and statistics. 1 in 5 women are sexually assault in college. 8 in 10 survivors know their attacker. This needs to end. We need to speak up and make change now.

I am proud to announce that $5 of every purchase at in August will be donated to It’s On Us.

At JoJo Rings, we make jewelry from recycled keys because we believe that keys are gateways to change. They are small, but charged with unlimited possibility and created to fulfill a purpose much larger than their size. My hope is that JoJo Rings can be a very small part of a larger solution and help It’s On Us change the world for good!

Support It’s On Us by visiting today to purchase your ring and become a part of the movement to end campus sexual assault.

It’s On Us’ mission is to build the movement to combat sexual assault by engaging young men and changing campus culture.