It’s On Us Partners with Lyft: Free Safe Rides Home!

This blog is a guest post from It’s On Us Director, Rebecca Kaplan.

It’s On Us is excited to partner with Lyft to provide free safe rides to thousands of individuals across the country this October!

When coming home from a party or a late night from the library, Lyft is a great option to get you and your friends home safely. As a young woman in a city, I’ve chosen Lyft many times as my own safe ride home.

Approximately 60% of Lyft passengers are women, and 30% of drivers are female — the highest percentage in the ride-sharing industry.

Late one night in DC, a friend and I were out at a bar when a man approached us and aggressively tried to take my friend to the other end of the bar to be alone with her. Friends don’t leave friends behind and so I urged her not to follow him into the dark corner at the other end of the bar. We left and he followed us outside — it was raining and there were few cars on the street. I immediately ordered a Lyft that arrived within minutes to take us out of the situation. It’s On Us to look out for each other — being an active bystander for me meant getting myself and my friend home safely.

I know that Lyft has my back and so I’m happy to share this opportunity with you to use Lyft on your campus and in your community for free.

Check out the ride code information below to get a free ride home on behalf of Lyft and It’s On Us!