A Fun Trip To Goa

The weekend was long and from a long time we didn’t had a fun trip, thus we planned a trip from Bangalore to Goa. Our first halt was Chitradurga Fort or as the British called it Chitaldoorg, which means ‘picturesque fort’ in Kannada. Here Bhima defeated Hidimbasura in a duel and the boulders were part of the arsenal. Chitradurga was under the rule of royal dynasties like Mauryan Empire, Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagar Empire and Haider Ali & Tipu Sultan. It is a massive fortress on top of granite hills that rises dramatically from the…

My trip to Pondy, Once a French colony in India.

Excavations near Pondicherry have revealed the existence of a Roman settlement many years ago. Still today a few French families are living there and French is an important language. The unique spiritual charm of the place is enhanced by the fact that it was the religious home. It is one of the cleanest city in India and a very smooth and silent place to do meditation. I didn’t had a DSLR but though the view was so awesome that it made my digital one’s compete with one. The sunrise on…

The mountains are calling and I must go.

A sundown at Tadiandamol, Elevation — 1748 m (5,735 ft), the highest peak in Coorg and second highest in Karnataka.
One of the best trekking ground I have ever met with.
Me and my photography was in extravaganza of nature’s beauty.
The clouds, mist, glitter of greenery and a vast edifice of stone and space, all wearing the colors of the spirit.
And the most tragic part which made the track more difficult was the rain. But I was fortunate and lucky because I was desiring for it.
And the best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.

Ranveer Singh

Software Engineer

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