The morning after pt.1

My nipples hurt. That lets me know I’m sober now. I remember starting off with a bottle of Jameson and a Red Bull..then the tattoo parlor for the piercings. I didn’t feel shit then, but I do now. It’s a throbbing pain that can only be cured with another shot. I look to my left and the AMF I smuggled out the bar is still on the nightstand.


Once I finished that I started to look for my clothes, I knew I wouldn’t have a bra due to the piercings and I quit wearing panties once I turned 22 so that eliminated even more items.

Where are my fucking pants?! Its 5 am and I’m butt naked laying next to 6ft thick built, brown skin, long haired Tongan who licked my noni so good last night I talked myself into a relationship with him or better yet moaned my way. I don’t even remember how we got here, one minute we were at a bar on Mel rose taking innocent shots, the next I was spread eagle on his kitchen table while his tongue massaged my noni, and he was holding both legs in the air.

He told me he had roommates but I didn’t care, they coulda watched I was so horny. Whiskey always brings out the freak in me, add vodka & burbon and whatever other drink I could keep down without barfing and here I was on his kitchen table pushing his head between my legs so hard you would think we were making a hardcore porn movie. He let me be aggressive and I liked that.

“Don’t bite me, Be gentle”

I recited those words many times during this session, each time I slapped his head and made him start again. How did he expect me to cum chewing on the most sensitive part of my body like a mad man. I had to use both hands to guide his head in the right directions, up and down then ina circle motion

“Eat it just like that, don’t stop”

He was getting the hang of it, I noticed a noise coming down the hall I didn’t get startled, just shifted myself into the right position, I already knew what I wanted. The Tongans roommate was a 5ft petite Russian student who I had always wanted to ask to join us but never had the opportunity, til now.

With her long black hair in a ponytail she enters the kitchen and her jaw drops.

“I’m sorry” she says and tries to rush away..

“No, stay..come here” I welcomed the girl with a hand motion and she came near me. Shocked I didn’t know what to do, I never thought it out past this point. I never thought she would even go for it, but here she was nibbling on my Newley pierced nipples while her roommate had his head between my legs. I was in heaven, I went from having a regularly Wednesday night to being treated like a dessert by two different bodies. I licked my fingers and began to play with the Russians noni, rubbing her clit first then sticking my fingers inside. One then two at a time..she let out soft moans..I wanted more. I laid my back on the table and motioned her to sit on me. She slide her freshly waxed noni onto my face and I began to suck the sweetness from her body, she rode my tongue so elegantly, her slender body moving at a slow rhythm, her hips grinding around my face while I placed both hands on her C cup titties. You could tell she had got them done, but I love the fake ones just as much. I wanted her to bust in my mouth. I spread her lips apart and began to lick fast and swiftly, using my whole tongue to touch her from front to back, she squeezed her legs tight around my neck I didn’t stop, I kept going I begged her to cum for me. I whispered those words

“Cum for me baby”

With a finger in her pussy and my tongue licking the insides of her asshole she let out a loud moan and I began to feel the warmth drip from in between her legs onto my tongue.

She did it.

I could barely control myself, the Tongan was still in between my legs eating like the last supper. The Russian had got up and began sucking his balls, she was stroking his penis at the same time. She had his whole package in her mouth, licking his balls every time she went down, my Tongan was letting out loud moans while still trying to please me. I wanted to help her, so as the Tongan sat in his dining room chair me and his roommate took turns going from sucking to licking, to kissing each other. He told me sit on his lap & turn around. As he entered me from behind, I began licking the Russian again. She was sitting in a chair across from us, with her legs spread open she ran her fingers thru my hair and let me taste her while watching her roommate penetrate me from behind. My Tongan had to be at least 9 inches and very thick, he was pounding me so good I could barely concentrate on the meal in front of me. His hair was down to the middle of his back and in a ponytail while he fucked me savagely I continued to eat his roommate so lustfully.

We switched positions.

While the Russian was riding him, I rested behind her playing with her noni and sucking on her nipples. She was riding him so smooth it was hypnotizing. He fucked her harder and she was screaming at this point,

“I’m cumming all over your dick”

He continues pounding, I dropped on my knees and played with myself while watching how perfect their bodies were in sync with each other. Right before he finished he lifted the Russian off his lap and stuck his wood into my mouth. His hand was firmly gripping the back of my head and was controlling my motion as I went up and down, with his balls in my hand and slobber dripping off my mouth I felt a warm liquid ooze into my mouth like when you bite down on a gusher.

He was done.

Nothing that happened after that really matters to me because It’s almost 6;20 now and I still can’t find my clothes. I don’t wanna wake the drunk body that’s lying in the bed, snoring loud enough to call all the cows. He’s not gonna understand I have to be home by 7 to make sure breakfast is ready by 8 because I have a husband who I’ve been with since grade school that has to be to work by 9.

No, that won’t make any sense, I’ve spent all night telling him how I’m moving in and starting a life with him. How I’ll transfer my job to have a shorter commute and say fuck all the bullshit I’ve been dealing with.

It was all lies. I’ll agree to anything with a finger in my ass and long dick in me, I mean who wouldn’t right? He’s got it going on too, nice job, own house, no kids or wife. But I’ve made a lifetime commitment already and I can’t break that.

I’ve finally gathered all my clothes and I’m sneaking down the hallway when the Russian stops me and asks to come in her room..her lights are dim and she only has on a tshirt with nothing underneath, she has something so sexual about her even when she’s not trying. Im still naked, buzzed and ofcourse horny so I start kissing on her neck. I mean she brought me into her room, she wanted a solo session is what I thought. She let me go on for a minute, kissing and caressing her, right when I was about to began touching her noni she stopped me and said she had to show me something. Curious, to what she could have to show me I stopped, she grabbed my hand and guided me down the stairs to the front room. Without saying anything she drew the curtain back enough to see through and pointed. Sitting outside was a 2012 silver Malibu with its lights on, just sitting in front of the house. My husband was here.