Dear Bernie Sanders: Don’t follow in Obama’s footsteps on campaign finance reform

Over the course of his campaign Sen. Sanders is going to realize the tremendous power the very idea of restoring democracy has to draw those who are not already in his camp. In order to sell off a democracy you need buyers and vendors. Thus far he has concentrated primarily on the buyers via his message against economic inequality. On the strength of that alone he galvanized enough support to pull even in Iowa and leave Sec. Clinton in the dust in New Hampshire. However, his narrow defeat in Nevada (“defeat”, it’s a delegate fight after all, hardly “all or nothing”) reveals the declining utility of that economic message. It will be harder to continue building support as people who are with him on the economy are already with him, so gaining the next supporter with that message alone gets harder. And it’s perceived as divisive which could hurt him with voters on the fence.

Time to focus on the sellers. Going after the banks is not an end in itself, it is a means to restore democracy. Should he start saying so in no uncertain terms those who are wandering the edges of his movement will come into the fold.

Though now may not be the time for him to say so, my sincere hope is for the manifestation of the “political revolution” as a convention to amend the Constitution, settling the topic once and for all.

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