My two cents regarding Trump, Mexico, LGBT rights and more..

For the longest time, I was so used to the wall between Mexico and U.S., to be honest, it never seemed like a big deal while growing up. I was born in a hospital 1 mile away from there so living in a border city makes you forget about the wall because you love both countries, sometimes equally, because a lot us have family and friends here and there so in our hearts, we are no divided.

Murals on a wall that marks the U.S.-Mexico border in Mexicali, Mexico. (Photo courtesy of my friend Dazia Pineda)

I always loved and admired the freedom Americans have (or had?), the idea of the American dream, the idea that as long as you work hard you could do anything, no matter where you were from. I’m passionate about the arts, their culture and the lalaland state of mind that U.S. offered. I never felt fear before, How could I? I was always safe in both sides of the border. I felt we were allies but now, my biggest fear is that both governments will start fighting each other instead of making America great again together. ALL AMERICA, not only the United States.

I fear that the LGBT+ community in U.S. will lose all the progress they have achieved in terms of human rights, which will translate in Mexico rejecting over and over the law for same-sex marriage nationwide. Mexico’s government voted against the same-sex marriage law one day after Trump won the election. As much as I don’t want to connect the dots, is too much coincidence.

Many Mexicans cried when Hillary lose the election and much more cried when Obama left. Why? because we didn’t think the American people could make the same mistake Mexico did by having Enrique Peña Nieto as president. I didn’t vote for him but he is the president of Mexico anyway. We thought that couldn’t happen, so now, we don’t know who to rely on. It’s our fault, to be honest, nobody asked us to rely on U.S. government to teach ours to be better.

For a lot of people, not only the LGBT community, living in a border city meant that you were able to feel safe in both countries or at least in one, but this is a luxury that might be long gone. People are investing their money in Mexico instead of going to U.S. and everybody is encouraging others to do the same.

We are having protests all over Baja California, almost every week since 2017 started. Protests against the abuses that our government has done to us, the last protest gathered around 60,000 people, exactly one day after the women march. So my fear is mixed with hope now, both countries have awakened, but we must remain vigilant citizens. We need to do our part every day and not only on the elections. I hope that we will work together to make our homes, our cities, our countries and the world a better place. We will stay vigilant, not only today, not only for one president’s term but for the rest of our lives.

Murals on a wall that marks the U.S.-Mexico border in Mexicali, Mexico. (Photo courtesy of my friend Dazia Pineda)

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