Dear Evan Hansen is not a good play.
Elyse Walczyk

I haven’t seen the play and I’ve only managed to read a synopsis, but I started listening to the music from a show tunes shuffle station and fell in love with You Will Be Found and So Big/So Small. I was so excited that there was a musical that dealt with all this stuff that I could relate to and I thought “this is the musical I needed in High School!”

And then I heard Sincerely Me.

Not only is it homophobic in the most “I’m going to make homophobia” way, it also makes /the kid who just killed himself/ into a joke. Not. Cool. 
Could you be more of an asshole? Don’t answer that.

And then I learned about “school shooter chic”

That line tore away most of the respect I’d gained for the show. It’s said by the main character’s friend (“family friend” whatever, distinction not important). That’s some bully bullshit straight out of freshman year in high school, and we’re supposed to sympathize with this character? We’re supposed to like someone who is friends with a person who would say this to someone? Is the fact that Jared a blatant homophobic bully and may have contributed to Connor killing himself addressed in the play? Or mentioned at all?

So at this point I’m not sure how to feel about Dear Evan Hansen. It has some amazing songs but it also goes so very wrong in so many ways. I’m not sure if it’s a good apple with some rotten spots or a rotten apple with some good bits.

And I’m not sure which is worse, or if either is even acceptable.