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I watched all 5 hours of the match, and it was as compelling as any major tennis match could be. The 5th set was super dramatic and intense, and Rafa Nadal’s ocd was completely off the charts in the 5th. Between going to the towel and the hair and face touching on his serve , he added at least 30 minutes onto the match time.

The best part for a Federer disciple like me, is that this is one less obstacle on the way to Roger winning #19. If he can get past the Djoker in the semis, he’ll eat Murray for (a full English) breakfast in the final. The Federer forehand, though maybe lacking a little bit of the pace it did ten years ago, is still about the most consistent and brilliant shot that any male player can come up with. Even after all these years and all these victories, he still hits 4 or 5 shots a match where I’m just like “how the fucking hell did he do that? WOW.”

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