One, like you mentioned, Higuain.
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If you want to discount Portugal winning the Euros with Ronaldo getting subbed off in the first half, that’s fine. They also finished 3rd in their group and were hardly a juggernaut at the tourney, that’s a perfectly reasonable position. As much as I love Ronaldo, he’s not the greatest ever, at least not yet. I stand by the larger point that to be the “greatest player ever”, someone needs to drag a lesser team to international glory. If the only standard is club success, that means Ryan Giggs is the greatest player of all time. I would daresay that Messi isn’t even the greatest player on his own team, as Andres Iniesta has won all the same club titles as Messi, and has 2 Euros and a World Cup ( in which he scored the winning goal in the final) to his name. Where was Messi in those back to back 0–0 finals with Chile in the Copa? Where was he when Argentina lost the World Cup final in 2014? He was shut out in all those matches, when it was all on the line. I’m not arguing that Messi is an overrated bum or anything like that, he’s the best player since Zidane retired, in my estimation. But until he leads his country, a world power in soccer, to glory, he’ll never reach the level of Zidane, Maradona, Iniesta, Pele, etc. International soccer still matters, at least at the big tourneys. Reputations are forged at the World Cup. Nobody gives a shit about an underpowered Napoli winning Serie A with Maradona. What matters and what people remember is Diego singlehandedly dragging a decent but unspectacular Argentina team to World Cup victory. Messi still has time, and if Argentina win the 2018 World Cup, I would be hard pressed to argue against him as #1 on the Mount Rushmore of footballers…but we aren’t there yet. He has to do it.

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