. The New Religion (Twitter)

Twitter, where Jack Dorsey is god, you and I are Prophets and our followers/RT’ers are disciples.

We give them false testaments on how we’re living the live they desire to live.

And emblazon scriptures and revelations about bailiwicks we haven’t researched properly

when they doubt it, we say “Larry Page and Sergey Brin reviled it to us”.

When the nonbelievers differ to our sayings, We Sit behind our screen and diss, talk bad and bash them for not agreeing to the things we have no idea about.

Disciples think we’re Einstein cause the words we post be clever.

We devote our time and fury Just to have a flash in a tiny attention span. So hopefully our disciple base will grow and we’ll be seen as the last prophet, The most relevant of them all.

Though I’m a Vaticinator and a follower in this new religion,

my excuse for not having faith in the new religion is “TWITTER HAS A FAKE LIFE WE IMPERSONATE”

Hope’s endangered.

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