Trading Compass Scam Review

The Trading Compass Scam Review.Today we logged right into the Trading Compass site to inspect what is all the hassle concerning this new trading thing, after numbers of emails regarding this rip-off we claimed we have to inspect just what it is everything about.
We should say that this is among the weirdest techniques we have seen on the market of frauds, The Trading Compass aka Sir William Bot is something we never expected to see. Slick view and lovely print that looks precisely like an Adobe site.
As you log right into The Trading Compass site all you see is a dark display with their logo between and also a login display, no video clip, no nice banners and also free membership offers, only a big black screen.After you attempt to subscribe, the web page changes into something that requests every info it could putting about you so you could subscribe. Keep reading this unbiased The trading Compass review .