The Grass is always Greener where it has Rained

Why we should keep struggling to be happy.

We have all been there. We have all experienced the personal battles when faced with a “should” and “want” that disagree. But how may of us experience making it through to the other side, and how often? We have all been to the place where the weight of being lifts and for a moment, we feel completely in control of ourselves, and when we do, true freedom rears its head. It feel so damn good! Remembering just how good the ‘other side’ feels makes me wonder, why not more?


Getting into good routines can be extremely beneficial in our lives. Here’s one: exercise. We all know the elated feeling that comes after a good workout that was initially threatened by laziness or tiredness or the weather outside.

Only after crossing the comfort barrier does true pleasure await. Accomplishment, self-control, confidence and a belief that we can do anything we put our minds to — these are all very positive and useful ways to feel and exist.

I don’t feel any of the above after doing something I really wanted to do. Of course, fulfilling our desires and needs is important, and it generates all sorts of other kinds of good feelings. But these “other kinds” of good feelings are weaker in comparison to the feelings after overcoming a mental, physical or personal challenge.

So before you go home and get comfortable on the couch for the evening, consider doing something you really don’t want to do now but probably will wish you had done, because deep down we all crave more of that joyous confidence we have in ourselves, and the self-love that comes from proving it.

Think of it this way..

We each really lose only once; there is only One moment in our lives that is saved for not making it through to another day. Everything that comes before that day, is limitless — and so are we.

We can do anything we put our minds to!


Save the comforts for the other side of the fence and the rewards will be greater than you could have ever imagined before making the leap.