Coming Home After Running Away From It

I do not belong to the group who left the country bitter with the economics, politics or social injustice. Life standard and the economic situation is going from bad to worse for the past, well, half of my life. It affects my family a lot. But it never crossed my mind to leave the country because of it. I always had a way how to make a living.

I’ve left my home for the first time as I was not ready to settle down in a cake tin prepared by family and society. It is standard cake tin with the measurements — job x house mortgage x marriage.

After one year I got back home only to ran away from it. It took me 13 months to realise I don’t want to be part of the same economics, politics, and social injustice. This time I ran away because my country made me feel bad.

Little over two years in a new country and almost a year traveling around the globe I was at the very beginning. With the question - Where do I see myself getting old(er)?. And the only obvious answer was — home.

My partner and I make plans and dream about getting a shipping container and converting it into a house. We plan on starting a business.

And yet, a tiny little voice in the back of my head is worried. I’ve spent years running from my home, only to get back to it. I don’t want to run away again.

Week #1, Day #2

I am doing “5 Notes a week” challenge. I will write five posts every week on any topic. A personal test to see how long will I keep it up :)

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