How not to drive each other crazy while working together

Mountain climbing vs. Working together :)

Work From Home For Couples a.k.a. How Not To Drive Each Other Crazy

My partner is two meters away from me with Bose headset on. I can scream, sing, cry, and he won’t hear me. You might think it is stupid, but trust me, there is no better thing than those damn handsets. Sometimes I believe Bose is saving our relationship. We do go to co-working spaces and coffee shops, however, at times we both want to work from the sofa.

Work from home is great. But in small apartments, Airbnb’s or hotel rooms we used to live so far it was tricky to organise time, schedule, and learn how not to distract each other. After almost a year of remote life and work, there are few things we try to practice and stick to it while we work from the same space.

Two separate, walls divided room

I can do the dishes, cook, and think about a new project at the same time. For him, it looks like I just walk around. If someone is trying to concentrate, this can be annoying. A person who needs distraction free environment can go to the room and problem solved.

Noise cancellation headset

I don’t use any kind of headphones (have no idea why 😕 ), but my partner does. Headset on means — I am busy. I can interrupt in the emergency situation only. For everything else I want to share, say, show, I try to send links and ideas in the message. We can discuss it later on.


If you both work in similar time zones, of course, you’ll want to have lunch or coffee together. Do a short brief before the work start. You can arrange to work for 3 hours, take a coffee break and lunch outside. Or you can work few hours, make the meal, take a walk, do the errands, and work later.

The goal is to have some type of scheduled work time, partner time, and me time.

Work from home is a great way of saving money for future travels. But it can make you both go crazy being next to each other bigger part of the day. Each couple has its rhythm and work/life balance. After some time you will learn what works best for you.

A few minutes ago I decided I will do “5 Notes a week” challenge. I will write five posts every week on any topic. A personal test to see how long will I keep it up :)

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