Efficiency and Empowerment: Improved Healthcare for a Healthier Nation

In Malta we are incredibly lucky- we have a state of the art hospital, highly trained Maltese and international medical professionals, a strong medical department at our University, and a more efficient system than many other EU countries.

The problem is that it is not sustainable at the moment.

As our population continues to expand and life expectancies continue to increase, we need to make drastic changes to the way that the healthcare sector is run, as well as the way that the citizens of this country approach their personal healthiness.

There are many ways in which you can help to improve your own health, as well as ways in which the government can assist you and facilitate the empowerment of your well-being.

As someone who takes health very seriously, as well as someone who has been involved with several change programmes in hospitals and healthcare facilities, I can confidently outline my vision to you in the following points.

Educate Yourself

Your government must provide you with the tools, information, knowledge, and access to these elements, in order to further develop your understanding of your own health.

We must provide citizens with easy to access information regarding symptoms, conditions, preventative measures, ongoing support, and methods to control existing or possible conditions.

Education is the only way that we will truly support a reduction in preventable conditions and by offering this education in an accessible and efficient manner, we will increase the number of individuals that will benefit from it.

Empower Yourself

We must give power back to the people when it comes to preventing conditions, and monitoring ongoing conditions.

Through the development and implementation of various digital platforms such as applications and online portals, we can enable people to monitor things like their weight, mood, symptoms, vitals, and sexual health to encourage them to notice changes in existing patterns.

By decentralising healthcare in this way and moving away from the current paternalistic system, we release the burden on our hospitals, and we can reduce the amount of appointments that are needed for basic check-ups and tests.

Digitalise Yourself

Isn’t it a hassle having to make an appointment at the hospital?

Or wait in line at the polyclinic?

Or trundle down to the basement of Mater Dei and wait for 20 minutes whilst they retrieve your file so you can fill out a bit of paper to notify them that you have changed address?

Just imagine a system where you can manage it all yourself, from the comfort of your smartphone.

If a new government can put in place an efficient online portal where patients can manage their own personal information, book appointments, retrieve lab and test results, and log new symptoms then we will see a drastic decrease in the burden placed on our healthcare professionals.

By providing the patient with the means to be proactive as opposed to reactive, we will see a big increase in the quality of care, a reduction in waiting lists, and an improvement in the way that individuals look after their health.

Malta needs a new government with a vision to focus on affordability, improved outcome, increased safety, and a more patient-centred approach to improve every aspect of our healthcare system.

How you choose to vote in this upcoming election will directly impact you and your families health for generations to come- it is time for a transformation, and that time is now.