5 Most Popular Kitchen Designs

Before you hire a contractor, you should first decide how you want your kitchen to look and if there are any old pieces of furniture that you want to use. Browse for different styles and decide what best suits your lifestyle. Consult with professional contractors in order to make quality cabinetry and act according to your budget, but don’t forget that quality is expensive. However, it will save you money as everything in your kitchen will last longer and you won’t need to remodel it again in a few years. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion with contractors and make sure to tell them if you don’t like something because, in the end, what matters is that you and your family like it, because you will spend a lot of time there.

1. Sleek Modern Style

This style is sophisticated and elegant, This style is sophisticated and elegant, which is why it is so popular among people who enjoy simplicity and elegance. The materials used are usually high-tech and stone, mixed with highly polished woods in order to reflect luxury. These kinds of kitchens are minimalistic and simple in most cases, but original nonetheless. People who like this modern style turn to both Neolithic stone kitchens and bathrooms for various reasons; neolith looks expensive, and it is one of the best materials because it is eco-friendly, versatile and, most importantly, it doesn’t stain. It can be mixed with almost every style. However, it is mostly applied to modern and contemporary styles. Well-to-do homeowners looking to remodel their bathrooms and kitchens turn to Neolith stone because it looks luxurious and saves a lot of money. These advantages make it a great fit for both kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Contemporary Style Mixes Function and Trendy Design

Since a kitchen should be functional, people usually choose functionality over the look. However, looks shouldn’t be neglected, because in order to feel good in your kitchen, it should look beautiful and be modelled according to your style. The contemporary style is perfect for families who want to bring a little style in their functional kitchen. This style emphasizes family, the atmosphere and friendliness. In order to achieve a contemporary style, you have to mix new and old materials. Moreover, old-fashioned pieces of furniture mixed with the right modern details or modern kitchen appliances will blend perfectly. With some retro details, colorful items and modern appliances, you will create your own unique kitchen design.

3. Cozy Cottage Style

Cottage style is supposed to make your kitchen cozy, warm and comfy. Made of wood and stone, this style is designed to make you feel as though you are in a cottage on a beautiful countryside. If you are considering this style, then look for retro-colored items, because they will be a perfect match for materials such as wood and stone. This style doesn’t require a spacious kitchen and, as such, is perfect for any home. Moreover, your family will certainly enjoy holidays in the atmosphere that this style creates. It is of great importance to know how to match a certain type of wood with stone, so consult with stone fabricators, with stone fabricators, who will advise you on what type of stone matches other materials.

4. Creative Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse tables, chairs and cupboards are always trendy and can be easily mixed with a retro style. This style is designed to make you feel like you escaped from the busy streets and stressful life of the city, and escaped to a beautiful farm getaway. As red and blue are commonly used when modelling a kitchen this way, you should definitely use pale yellow and cream colors in order to make the kitchen more pleasant and avoid making your kitchen a colorful mess. The farmhouse style is not about matching, but rather, it is all about mixing. So, put together all the elements you like and create your unique getaway kitchen.

5. Mediterranean Style

If you don’t know how to create a unique Mediterranean style, imagine a small, romantic French villa. You can go through some pictures and designers’ advice, which can be found online and in magazines, but the best way to make it unique and suitable for your lifestyle is to design it according to your idea of how a romantic French kitchen should look. Warm-toned wooden pieces of furniture mixed with romantic colors create the perfect Mediterranean ambience.

These styles should inspire you to create your own unique design. Feel free to use your old furniture and add some handmade items. Remember to hire a professional contractor in order to get what you want and, if you decide on materials such as stone, hire stone fabricators who know the advantages and disadvantages of that material.

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