5 Payable Hobbies You Should Consider Acquiring

A lot of people out there are stuck with a dead end career. They feel that that’s it, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Well, times have changed, and instead of pursuing a career that drains every bit of energy from you, you can switch to a whole new career path that you might actually find interesting and fulfilling — and still make money out of it.

Thanks to the internet, you can basically invent your own career. However, if you’re not that creative, you can simply browse online, see what others managed to come up with, and begin your brainstorming from there.

App Development

This is a challenging one, because it will involve thorough exploring, especially if you’re a complete newbie. However, if you do manage to master app development — and it doesn’t really matter whether you decide to go with Android, iOS or Windows — it will be totally worth it.

Everyone is turning to app development now — for everything you may need on your phone, there’s an app. And, there are so many different areas to focus on. You can even make an app that combines several of your own interests, of course, if you think that there’s an actual need for that kind of app.


More and more people all over the globe are going with freelancing as the best option, and they leave their regular jobs behind, so that they can enjoy all the added freedom of working from home. Thanks to many different online platforms that connect freelancers with clients, you can cash in your skills, with no trouble whatsoever.

However, before you do decide to go with it you should do some serious research in order to find out everything there is to know about freelancing platforms. This way you’ll know what you are dealing with, and how best to reach out to clients and sell yourself. Even if you don’t have the skills, you can easily develop them over time.

Binary Trading

Trading with binary options is based on trading assets. If you have any knowledge about the financial world, you could easily cash in your knowledge using a binary platform. Even if you lack the experience, you can play around with a demo account and get some basic training before you start investing your hard earned-money. You begin with predicting whether the value of any of a number of different assets will go up or down.

In order to become a pro in this area, you’ll need some time. However, there are friendly platforms that will enable you to educate yourself and learn one step at the time. This can be a really great hobby for you if you’re a natural strategist, and it can eventually even become a full time career that allows you to make a good living from anywhere in the world, and with enough free time to focus on other things that make you happy.


If you already possess certain knowledge about a particular niche, and you’d like to share that knowledge with the world, maybe blogging is the right option for you. With enough time, proper advertising, and a bit of luck, you could attract a wide audience that will stay loyal, allowing you to monetize this beautiful hobby.

On the other hand, I’d sincerely recommend that you do your homework, so that you know in which direction to move, because you might end up in a highly saturated market, such as fashion blogging, with nothing unique to offer. The best option would be to find an area that’s lacking quality information, specialising in a micro niche, or making a unique combination of two or three different topics, so that you can really contribute and engage your audience.

Craft Making

Many consider craft-making to be a thing of the past, but I have to disagree, because handmade goods are making a big comeback. All over the internet, beautiful crafts are going viral day after day, and there’s a pretty good reason behind that — having a piece of jewelry or decoration, which someone has invested a lot of their time and energy to create, gives it additional value.

So, if you’re good with knitting, carpentry or anything similar, you should give it a go. Other than the potential monetary value, crafting is also very fulfilling. Besides, it can also help relieve stress, which makes it a great hobby to take up in itself.

It all depends on your area of interest, or the things that you are drawn to, but still lack the knowledge and skill to make a living from. If my list of potential hobbies isn’t diverse enough for you, at least it will give you a basis from which you could start exploring. Good luck!

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